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When a picture’s more than a picture

We live in an age where people are increasingly over-sharing, over-posting, over-exposed. And — I admit — I’m as guilty as the next person. I am an open book. Too open? Maybe. And, my greatest weakness is posting photos (upon photos … upon photos … upon photos) of my family’s adventures. I’ve heard, more than once, from people in various areas of my life to “put down the camera” and “just enjoy making the memories.”


And I do that — sometimes. As I vowed to Mr. B in that day we officially joined our lives together in 2012, there are some things I save just for us. But, there’s lots of other stuff I share, quite often.

There are a lot of reasons I take — and share — as many photos as I do.

  • I’m super close to my family — just not geographically. It hurts my heart to know they’re missing out on so much of my kids’ lives (and that my kids are missing out on experiencing the true, crazy joy that makes up their Up North family), so I share lots of photos in hopes that it makes up for a tiny bit of the distance.
    whole family
  • I know, all too well, that there’s going to be a day in your life that you only have pictures left. As I was updating our family photo wall the other day, it struck me — directly in the tear-makers — that I’m regularly going to be changing out our family photos and updating pictures of Little Miss and Mister Mister, but I’ll never have new photos to post of Penelope Joy. All I have of her are the pictures I took in the (way too short) time period of 38 days. And, I’ll tell you what, I should have taken more.

    Family Photo

    Our final family photo with Penelope Joy.

  • I think, perhaps one of the most frustrating things I’ve heard (and read) is that “you should put down the camera and just enjoy making memories.” Here’s the thing — memories aren’t forever. And they certainly aren’t guaranteed. My dad died at 63, having no idea who most of us were. Literally, all he had were pictures — and all we have, now, are pictures. My kids won’t know their Papa except through the stories I share and the photos I show them. Younger onset Alzheimer’s disease stole my dad’s memories — and so much more — from him, and from us. But, I’ll be damned if it’s going to take my pictures.On my wedding day with dad
    So, next time you’re looking at my feed or my page and you think to yourself, “geez, she takes a lot of pictures,” maybe your second thought will be “isn’t it great that she’ll always have those photos to help her treasure those moments.” If that’s not your second thought, I invite you to close that tab and look away — you don’t have to look at them. And you also don’t have to worry if I’m living enough in the moment. Trust me I am. I’m savoring every single, beautiful second.


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Alzheimer’s Action Day: A Repost

I’d like to call your attention to last year’s post about Alzheimer’s Action Day, which is today.

Because I didn’t write a post this year about Alzheimer’s Disease. Not because it’s not important. Because it is SO important. But because it was … well … harder to put my thoughts down right now about it. There are a lot of emotions right now — for many reasons. This is one of them. This, I’m sure, will always be one of them.

I will tell you this: Alzheimer’s Disease sucks. Early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease? Sucks even more. It steals people from you who are way too young to be stolen, way too young to lose that part of them that makes them, well, themselves. And it hurts me — right in the gut, in the heart — whenever I think about it. And I can’t catch my breath.

So today? Instead of writing, I will be making a donation. In honor of a very special person in my life to the Alzheimer’s Association. Because right now? That’s all I know how to do.

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3 Days, 3 Posts, 300 Words

Some days I feel like I’ve lost my blogging muse. This week I felt it just a bit. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think it’s writer’s block (combined with some personal and work stresses that kept my mind occupied). So, to get over that, I’m giving myself an assignment. Three days, three posts, 300 words each.

  • Friday: Talk about a time that made me really happy
  • Saturday: Talk about my biggest health/fitness related challenge
  • Sunday: Talk about my biggest win


A Time That Made Me Really Happy

I know, I was supposed to pick one thing that made me happy. But I have two. They sorta go together …  sorta.

I have to say, I’m never happier than when I’m hanging out with my family. Except maybe when I’m traveling. And eating delicious new foods. And this last year I’ve had two excellent adventures with a few members of my family. These are my happy moments.

Costa Rica

Mom, Dad and me after I ziplined through the Costa Rican forest. Those smiles are 100 percent real — no "cheese" required.

In October I went with my parents to Costa Rica to visit some friends (really, family) and explore many different areas of the country. We shared some of the most excellent memories: Hiking in the forest, exploring volcanoes, eating delicious foods, shopping, trying new things, operating outside of our comfort zones. Oh, and eating more delicious food. While it can be stressful (at times) traveling with family, I carry nothing but the most amazing memories from this trip. I look back and feel so calm, so loved, so blessed.

Grand Canyon

Me and my sister stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Gorgeous day, wonderful company, nature's majesty. What's not to love?

And, of course, I must also talk about my Arizona adventure with my younger sister. We’ve always been close — even when we fight. But I truly believe this vacation cemented our bond and brought us even closer together. We shared a lot of new experiences, including going to the rodeo, driving through the mountains, detouring in elk country, hiking through the snow in the Grand Canyon. Like Costa Rica, this trip also included a lot of delicious foods and special treats. The biggest treat of all? Experiencing the joy of true friendship in some of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever seen.

I will forever carry these memories in my heart — no matter what happens in our lives.  And they will always bring a happy, grateful smile to my face.

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