About Me

This blog started when I broke a toilet seat. Yeah. A toilet seat. I was horrified and ready for a change. So I focused hard on changing my eating habits. And then slowly worked walking and exercise into the picture. This blog was my chronicle to fining a happier, healthier me.

And, along the way, I ran a marathon. Fell in love. Got married. Had a baby. Said good-bye to our baby. Found my faithBought a house. Rescued a dogWelcomed our second daughter into the world. Added our son to the mix. Struggled with anxiety and post-partum depression. You know, all the things you do when you stop working so hard on making it happen and just start living your life.

So, now, this blog has evolved to be much more than a chronicle of weight loss. (Though, if I’m being fully transparent I should probably get back at that.) It is a chronicle of my life in Pure Michigan. It’s full of randamity — from talk about family and friends, to running and recipes, to houses and pets, to life and death. And everything in between.

You’ll get to know a bunch of characters on this blog as I chronicle my adventures:

  • Mr. B — my husband since September 2012
  • Penelope Joy — our daughter, who was born — and died — in fall 2013
  • Dottie Lou — our second daughter, who was born in early 2015
  • Hobbes — our son, who was born in spring 2017
  • Piper Mae — our rescue pup, who joined our family April 5, 2014

We do things in our own way. We struggle, and we trip and fall — a lot. But, mostly we love — BIG.

I can’t promise that I’ll post on a regularly scheduled basis. But I can promise when I do post, it’s because I have something important to say. And I promise I’ll always be honest.

Kimberly Joy

I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me your questions or comments to thatsalljoywrote (a) yahoo (dot) com.

Want to know more?

Here are some links to some articles and stories about me and my life:


26 responses to “About Me

  1. Wow. You must feel fabulous! I have a similar goal (to be fabulously fit and healthy in all areas of life) and just started my own blog (fabandfitbyfifty). I hope you don’t mind if I follow along with you for ideas and inspiration:) But I have a confession: I hate running. I admire runners. It takes great discipline to get out there every day and pound the earth:) I’ll have to find another activity, though:)


    • I really do feel quite fabulous. I’m like an entirely different, active, fit person. And this new person? She’s kinda cool. And, yeah, I never thought I’d be a runner. I tried all sorts of activities, and running just … well … stuck. The real key is definitely finding something that works for you. Best of luck!


  2. Well done! I know how it feels to totally turn your life around and take control – it’s amazing when you’ve accomplished so much! I’m also training for my first half marathon, I’ll find you on dailymile! 🙂


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  15. Hey Joy – love your blog!
    I’ve nominated you for an award, you can check it out here: http://peonut.com/2012/10/13/more-blushing/


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  18. MikeW

    This is a story many, many others need to read.


  19. I spoltlighted your blog on my personal blog http://www.missjonesy.com. Hope that’s ok! I would also love to spotlight you on my running blog for my weekly runner spotlight (you’d be my first!) at http://www.seejonesyrun.wordpress.com. If interested please email me at denveramy@hotmail.com and I’ll send you a little questionairre 🙂 Keep up the writing….you’ve been a huge inspiration to me!


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  23. This is one of the most inspiring ‘Abouts’ I’ve come across in my travels. You’re quite the prolific person.


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