And Baby Makes … 5

In case you haven’t heard — or read — by now, our family has some exciting news to share:


Dottie’s going to be a big sister!

I have so much to say about our family’s big news. But, as usual, I’m not sure where to start. Maybe the “beginning” …

Pretty much since Mr. B and I started talking online, we talked about our hopes and dreams for the future. And one of our shared dreams was that we both, one day, wanted two children.

Fast forward just shy of two years from the day Mr. B and I first talked, and our first baby was born. You, likely, know the rest of that story. Then, our rainbow baby was born.

As you can tell if you follow me on Instagram — or anywhere else, really — we’ve spent the last 18 months really, really living our life and enjoying every second with Dottie. She’s a spunky girl with a lot of attitude, and I couldn’t love her more.

But, Mr. B and I both started to feel a little longing for another baby. We talked about what it would mean for Dottie to have a living sibling to be by her side through life. I have five of them, and I’m a better person for each of them. I couldn’t imagine denying Dottie that.

But, for me, it was confusing. I mean, we had our two kids. But, we also didn’t.  Needless to say, it took me a while (and a lot of tears) to really say “yes, let’s do it, let’s have another baby.”

When we decided to go for it, we decided we’d take it a little easier and let the universe decide for us what was going to happen. (Was I anxious/eager every time my period was supposed to start? Heck yes. Did Mr. B have to calm me down from the lure of over-tracking everything? Yes. But overall, it was much more … relaxed … this time around.)

And, it happened.

Let me tell you, I had big plans about how I’d surprise Mr. B when the second pink line appeared. But, in reality, I told him exactly — I mean, exactly — the same way I told him the other two times: “Hey! Put your glasses on and get in here and look at this. Do you see that line? Is it there?!!!”

We kept it to ourselves for all of, maybe, 24 hours. We each had permission to tell one person. And then we told a couple more. And then … well … within one week after we found out, we had told everyone.

I was only five weeks along when we went public-public with the announcement. Is that early? Yup. Am I scared something could happen and I’ll have to make another, less joyful, public announcement? Darn right I am.

Trust me, I didn’t miss any of the shocked noises or big eyes or glances full of judgment when we told people I’m not due until early April. I get it. It’s early — very, very early. But, since Penelope, Mr. B and I decided that no matter what happened, we would share our pregnancies early — that is, if we were blessed enough to have any more. We had learned that we can’t go through this alone. We need our village around us — for happy things and sad things.

We want you to share our joy with us; we want you to celebrate at our side. But, we also need you to be there for us if anything were ever to go wrong. Because that’s how life is — it’s up and down and, sometimes, inside out. It doesn’t only take a village to raise a child — it takes a village to be a human. And you are our village.

So, yes, I’m just now going on six weeks along. And it’s still very early. A lot could happen. But, this is our story — and this is how we choose to tell it. We’re just happy to have so many people around us holding us up in hope and light and prayer.




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9 responses to “And Baby Makes … 5

  1. Nancy Lueder

    Congratulations!! Thoughts and prayers are with you for a successful pregnancy…………


  2. Jen Perry

    Yea!!!!! ❤ It will all be ok. Enjoy your time of celebration.


  3. Ali

    Well, not that you asked but I don’t care how far along you are I’m STILL super excited for you! I know you are fully aware that “whatever happens, happens” and it sounds like you’re prepared should something come up. As an optimist though, I’m going to stay excited for you and even a bit jealous that you got to find out and prepare that much longer than most of us. :*

    PS. I’m also 100% (literally) wrong about baby genders but I think it would be super fun for you to be able to honor a son with your dad’s name. So put me down for Team Blue!!


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