Happy Six Months, Dottie Lou!

Today we celebrate Dottie’s sixth monthiversary! As cliché as it sounds, time has flown past. (I suppose it’s cliché for a reason!) I honestly can’t believe my little Smooshy is six months old already. It honestly seems like just last week that we were bringing her home from the hospital and living in our own little bubble of new-parenthood wonder and worry.

Dottie Lou Newborn

She is such a joy and treasure. I know every parent says that — and every parent is right — but I can’t even think of a single “yeah, but” of “if only” to that statement. Watching her explore and discover this world has reminded me about all of the beauty there really is. Beauty that I think we all take for granted. She has reminded me to take some time and appreciate the simple things — like how silly Piper looks when she’s running in circles and how soft Annie Cat’s hair is and how tickly the grass is on my bare feet.

dottie and me

She’s forever changed my relationship with Mr. B, too. In only the best ways. What Penelope Joy taught us about strength and parenthood and love, Dottie Lou enriches and strengthens. She continues to show us how to walk — every day — in love. Even when we’re exhausted and overwhelmed, we are able to come home and find respite in each other’s arms and a smile on Dottie Lou’s face. She reminds us what is truly important: each other.

And watching Mr. B be a dad has made my heart grow two … three … four sizes. His relationship with Dottie Lou is one of such deep, warm love that it’s nothing I could ever describe. (Though, I know it — because I had it with my dad, too.) When I watch him look at her, and her at him, I am overwhelmed with such joy and love and … pride. “These are my people,” I think.

dottie and bobby

It’s a pretty amazing thing, knowing that a little person can have such a big impact on your world. I am so very proud to be Dottie Lou’s mom. When I see that sparkle in her eyes when she sees me come into a room and when she reaches for me when I walk past her and when she grins at me from across the room? It is then that I know that I’m doing just fine — even amid the doubt and guilt that comes with juggling all the things that need to be juggled when you’re a mom. That smile, that sparkle remind me that I am enough.

And, as quick as they were, these past six months have been eye-opening and life-altering. She is a special baby, this rainbow baby of ours.

Dottie Lou Six month

All photo by The People Picture Co. in Grand Rapids. If you’re ever in need of a photographer, I couldn’t recommend them enough.



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4 responses to “Happy Six Months, Dottie Lou!

  1. Jen

    The picture of Bobby and Dottie is beautiful (and may have made me cry a little). Beautifully written. This is going to be such a beautiful thing for Dottie to read when she is older.


  2. Dottie Lou has changed all of our lives, filled them with so much love and joy; As has seeing what wonderful parents you and Bobby are. 😘


  3. Kathy Gibbons

    Kim, she is beautiful. Your writing about her is equally beautiful. Just glad to read. Kathy


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