A Dottie Lou Update

As you’ve probably guessed by my complete and total absence from here, I’ve been very busy enjoying every possible second I can with our Dottie Lou.

Spending time with Dottie Lou

Spending time with Dottie Lou

It’s so hard to believe that she’s already nine weeks old! And every single day of those nine weeks has found me more and more in love with her. I love watching her personality develop. She loves to “goo” and “coo” at Mr. B and me, and nothing makes her smile more than when we sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” or sing and sign the ABCs. She absolutely loves story time and bath time, but she hates when I clean out her boogies.

What’s even more fun? Dottie and Piper get along swimmingly. In fact, Piper is pretty sure that the human puppy is her own.

When you're the best of friends ...

When you’re the best of friends …

One of my very favorite times of day is about 15 minutes before my morning alarm goes off, when Dorothy just starts to stir. I reach over the co-sleeper, pull her close, wrap my arms around her and give her a Dottie-sized bear hug. She instantly starts snuggling into me and goes back to sleep while I wish for just a little more time when it’s just the two of us.

I’m back at work full time now — have been for a few weeks. I won’t say it’s been easy. But, it’s going pretty well so far. During the day, Dottie gets to go play with her friends — all of whom are so sweet with her. She’s learning all about sharing — from pacifiers to Ninja Turtles. While I miss Dottie during the day, she’s only about 15 minutes away so I can nurse her on my lunch break (and stock up on smooches to get me through the afternoon).

I am absolutely loving “momming” Dottie Lou. She is so special, and I can’t believe I was chosen to be her mom. Not a day goes by that I don’t look at Mr. B and ask: “Is this real? Is she really ours?” I mean, I seriously expect to wake up one day and have someone tell me it was all a dream — because I’m just that happy.

So I don’t take one second for granted — even the seconds when I’m crying on the phone to Mr. B on my drive home from work because I’m really scared that I can’t do it all … because I feel like I’m not the mom Dottie deserves or the wife Mr. B deserves or the employee my boss deserves or the friend my friends deserve. There are a lot of balls in the air. And when one looks like one is coming close to falling, it’s hard. Some days it really feels like I can’t get anything right. But, I get to come home to Dottie Lou’s smiling face. And I am reminded what “getting it right” really means.

Dottie Lou



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3 responses to “A Dottie Lou Update

  1. I’ve found that I am much harder on myself as a parent than my child is by a long shot, at least until he and his future sister become teenagers and I can do nothing but ruin their lives. I think a level of self-criticism and doubt is a good quality when kept in check. I know it pushes me to be a little bit better, and I hope it helps you too!

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    • You’re right — I’m much harder on myself than not-teenager Dorothy ever will be. I’m sure all Dorothy cares about right now is that I feed her and keep her warm/safe (and well supplied with books).


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