Pickle (Kinda) Gets What Pickle (Kinda) Wants

When Pickle gets a craving other than the always-present watermelon craving, Pickle craves a very specific food that this girl would have eaten:

Me, before

Pickle thinks he/she has the same taste in food as this Mama B.

When Pickle gets a craving, Mama B tries to feed him/her like this girl likes to eat:

Me, now

I’m doing my best to share this Mama B’s taste in food — and balanced look at what goes into a healthy outlook on diet and exercise.

Sometimes I indulge the cravings and enjoy some fries or a milkshake or a burger. But, 85 percent of the time I try to make a better choice — or “healthify” the craving.

Today, Pickle wants a bean burrito. From Taco Bell. It has been, oh, I’d say, eons since I’ve had a bean burrito from Taco Bell. So I have no idea why this little person growing inside of me would even want one, much less know exactly what it tastes like.

In lieu of rushing out to the Taco Bell drive-thru, I decided to take advantage of my open afternoon and the glorious sunshine and walk to the grocery store to pick up a few things to make my version of a healthier bean burrito. While I was at it, I figured, I could pick up the Redbox I’d reserved, too. The store is a two-mile roundtrip walk. No big deal. In fact, it’s quite handy and convenient.

I got to the store, walked around a bit and picked up the items I needed. As I went to pick up the Redbox, I was surprised to find out that I’d actually reserved it at the store about a half-mile farther up the road.

Pickle’s Taco Bell craving turned into a three-mile walk and “healthy” bean burritos. Ha! That’ll teach him/her. Next time, Pickle, you might as well stick to watermelon. And maybe a salad, mmkay?



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3 responses to “Pickle (Kinda) Gets What Pickle (Kinda) Wants

  1. wendy warren

    I sooo needed this smile!


  2. Gazelle Girl ~ You look like a million bucks! Hey, my name is Kim too and because my last name is Thompson I’ve used a Thompson Gazelle as the logo for my graphic design biz. Small world! Lovely blog, you’re very inspiring… thanks.


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