A Quickie Recap of Tonight’s Run

The good:

  • Got in my planned three miles — even though I was completely exhausted and did not want to do it
  • It was absolutely gorgeous out, and the sun felt great
  • I’m still loving my shoes, ugly as they are
  • I glanced at my watch and saw my old 8:30 pace pop up a couple of time (it did not last long)
  • I realized I have a pink running skirt and can borrow Mr. B’s blue running shirt (since none of mine fit me) for the race, and I’ll look so “awesome” with the new shoes. Not sure how the race-day Bondi Band will fit in, but I don’t care because it’s my favorite ever:
Pickle's first Bondi Band

Custom made for Pickle and me for our race next weekend.

The bad:

  • It was my slowest mid-week run since I got pregnant
  • Everything felt was heavy and tired and slow
  • I was so tired the whole time, and this run was a definite physical AND mental battle

The ugly:

  • Seriously, you guys. This baby has been making me so gassy lately. It got ugly out there today. Thank goodness for the breeze. (Payback, I think, for going for a run instead of listening for Pickle and taking a nap.)

As bad as I felt out there, if I look at this list, I guess the good outweighs the bad. The ugly? I don’t know — it was pretty ugly. Still. I’m lucky to get the opportunity to run — for me and Pickle.



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3 responses to “A Quickie Recap of Tonight’s Run

  1. wendy warren

    At least you were outside and not next to somebody on a treadmill!


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