Baby Clothes

I went shopping for some “baby clothes” with Mr. B last night. Baby clothes for me. Clothes that I can wear without fear of them coming unbuttoned, unsnapped, unzipped, unwhatever because they don’t really fit me anymore. Clothes that will grow with my growing body.

Pants that won't button

My favorite jeans finally got benched.

Let me start by saying that Mr. B is a fantastic shopping partner. VERY patient, understanding, reassuring. And he’s a heck of a size fetcher/purse holder.

I also want to say that I have no qualms about having to buy a bigger size than normal because, ohmygoshpeoplewhoarefreakingoutaboutmegainingweight, I’m carrying a human life. And the weight I’m about to gain? It’s not the same as the weight I used to carry.


Besides, I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to gain back the 100 pounds I lost.

More on this later.

What does stress me out about shopping for clothes is, well, shopping for clothes. I hate it. I always have. I probably always will. I have no patience for it. That’s why I end up with several pair of similar jeans in different washes and colors, and T-shirts (long and short-sleeved) in a variety of colors/styles.

Yesterday’s “adventure” was no exception to the rule. The clothes I liked/wanted? They had every size but mine. And the perfect maternity bra? Still looking … (if anyone has any recommendations, I’m game). That constant in and out of shoes and clothes is not fun. Don’t get me started on repeat trips to the dressing room. Or trying on clothes at multiple stores.

One of the most stressful things about clothes shopping to me? The money. I hate spending money on clothing. And, yes, $20 for a shirt is “expensive” to me. Those $50 maternity jeans? Nearly unthinkable (if they weren’t so darned comfortable). Thankfully, I was able to use some birthday money on the clothes. The thought of spending this kind of money on myself seems selfish. And I may have shed a few guilty tears about it. To which Mr. B kindly looked at me and hugged me, his eyes telling me he has no idea what he’s supposed to say to make me feel better — his lips and arms telling me everything will be fine and it’s OK to spend money on myself.

Yesterday’s “haul” included:

  • One purple T-shirt
  • Two 3/4-length shirts (one aqua, one black)
  • One long black tank top
  • One BeBand (to hold up/disguise my pants that won’t button)
  • One bra

This is not enough to get me through one week, let alone the next six months. I still need some jeans/pants, more shirts, some leggings and a few dresses. Plus, I know I’m going to have to get some wider shoes. The thought of having to go through the process again (and again … and again …) is stressful and exhausting.

I need a personal shopper.



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9 responses to “Baby Clothes

  1. wendy warren

    Well, I have seldom said “no” to you, my dear daughter but I hate shopping every bit as much as you do. Though, resale shops have become my friend. They don’t have nearly as much stuff to overwhelm you and the prices are much more my style. Good luck!


  2. andrea

    I have heard there is a really nice resale shop in your area on Alpine that has nice maternity and baby clothing. It may take some of the sting out of having to buy a new wardrobe!


  3. Nikki

    Totally agree with what your mom said!!! 🙂 Someone else paid full price to wear those clothes for a few months and now you get them at a great discount!!!


  4. Choice Fare - AnnaLee

    My favorite bra when pregnant/nursing was made by Bravado. Wide band, no underwire.


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