Home Never Looked so Good

I travel a fair amount for my job. And yesterday, trying to get home from Houston, I had the absolute worst travel day I’ve ever experienced. We got to the airport around 11 a.m. for a 1:20 flight home. After 16 gate changes (it’s true, I have the email notifications to prove it), an airplane tease (during which we were boarded and then deplaned) and a cancellation, one of my coworkers and I made it onto a 7 p.m. flight to Detroit, from where we would drive to Grand Rapids. (The other two people weren’t able to get out until today.) Our pilot was being shuffled around with us, and I knew our flight was cancelled before he was even told (I was having a Twitter “conversation” with an airline representative, and they told me).

Our 7 p.m. flight was eventually delayed and finally took off after 7:30. We landed in Detroit around 11 — our bags never made the trip — and were on the road home in a rental car by midnight. A snowy drive later, and I was finally lying down next to a snoring Mr. B around 4 a.m.

It was terrible. Stressful. Horrible. I understand weather delays, and I understand cancellations. But, I cannot handle rudeness and terrible customer service. The gate agents and “service” people were the worst I’ve ever had to deal with — and my coworker travel-mate and I were making a huge point to smile and be polite (everyone in the overcrowded airport was tense, and it could be felt). And we were met with nothing but rudeness. And no one was telling us what was going on. We were told to “refer to the board” — even though our flight kept disappearing off the board and then randomly reappearing for random times and gates.

Anyway … we finally did make it home. But our bags didn’t. We reported it in Detroit (where we were finally met with a smiling, calm and reassuring face), so I had a tracking number. I spent much of my day yesterday refreshing the online tracking tool and talking to customer service reps on the phone. I kept hearing “We’re unable to locate your bag, but we do know you checked it in at Houston yesterday morning.” No crap. “Please call back in two hours to see if we’ve located it yet.” Awesome.

I was certain I was going to lose my bag forever — including my running shoes, GPS, HRM, running clothes, lifting gloves, workout gear, good-booty yoga pants and so many other things. (My travel-mate had diamond earrings in hers!)

But, I work with some pretty awesome people. And they came to our rescue.

Our wonderful team — who came to my rescue and rescued my running shoes.

Our wonderful team — who came to my rescue and rescued my running shoes.

My coworkers, who flew back yesterday. found my bag and my travel-mate’s bag circling the carousel last night when they landed, and they picked them up for us. I met one of them at a freeway park ‘n’ ride. And I now have my bag … and its very important contents:


One of our publications is for the party, Halloween and costume industry, and we put on the opening night party for the industry trade show. Our sponsors give us samples to hand out in goodie bags to all of the guests. We always end up with a few extras. This was my choice … and it was in my luggage. Thank goodness it arrived safely!

And, yes, I did call the airline to let them know that I was completely appalled by their customer service. And then I let them know I had my bag, thanks to my coworkers. You know, in case the airline actually decided to look for it.

I’ll tell ya what, “home” never looked so good. And I’m so grateful to have Mr. B waiting for me when I get there.


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  1. wendy warren

    So glad you, your bags and your kitty ears are home, safe and sound!


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