Running in Winter

I got a question the other day about running in the winter — and if I wear YakTrax. But, I accidentally “answered privately” instead of publicly. Here’s my response, in case anyone else is curious:

First, let me start out by saying that winter running is my favorite running!

running trail in winter

Silence. Solitude. Beauty.

Second, I’m glad they make “tools” to make winter running a little less slippery/dangerous for clumsy people like me.

I don’t wear YakTrax because I don’t think they’re that comfortable. A lot of people wear them and love them. Personally, I felt like I could feel the coils with every single step — particularly on my longer runs. And I couldn’t get them to stay put/fit right.

But, I did find something I like. I don’t remember the name of them (I think maybe “Get-A-Grip”) but I got them at one of my favorite local running stores. I want to say they were about $30(ish).

shoe grippers

These have, quite possibly, saved my life numerous times.

They slip on like a bootie and, as long as you get the right size, stay put the whole way.

grips seen from above

The grippers, as seen from above. Also seen: My cute running skirt that helps keep my thighs warm.

They have a number of mini spikes in the bottom of them (and come with a few replacement spikes in case one comes off). I can’t even feel that I have them on, and I’ve not once slipped on ice or snow in them (knock on wood). I highly recommend this product, and I sure wish I could remember the name. But, I also suggest you give YakTrax — or other similar products — a try because, like running shoes, everybody is different and every body is different. What works for my feet may not work for yours.

winter quote


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