What’s Next?

Lest you think I’ve stopped thinking about my health and fitness goals, here’s an update on where I am.

Full disclosure: I’m still 28 pounds away from my “goal weight.” The closest I ever got was within 10 pounds. And then I trained for — and ran — a marathon. And I gained 15 pounds. And then, over the last year, I’ve gained 3 more.

I’m not mad. Or disappointed. Or stressed.

Sure, I like seeing the scale go down and feeling my efforts pay off. I like watching my muscles come out from underneath my loose skin. I like working really hard at a goal and succeeding. I like fitting into clothes I never thought I’d wear.

I mean, sure, I get mad at my body sometimes. Sad for a lack of progress. But I know why I’ve not made progress — it’s because I consciously made the decision over the past year to maintain where I am so I could focus on other areas of my life. (And, yes, I count the year’s 3-pound gain as a maintenance.)

I had been actively focusing on losing weight since late 2009. My mind, my body, my soul needed a break from the obsessive counting of what went in my mouth and calculating of calories for every activity I did. I needed a reminder of why I want to do this, why I want to be healthy. I needed to enjoy my progress and just live.

Besides, just because I’ve gained some weight doesn’t mean I’m a failure (she says to herself). It means I’m a 100 percent normal human being. This is normal life. A normal life I’ve loved living.

Making an effort at health and fitness isn’t so I can reach an ultimate goal weight. It’s so I can do things like, well, live an active life.

me and mr. b hiking

And do things instead of just think about them. And see things I never thought I’d get to see.

on the appalachian trail

Besides, the beautiful thing? I have the skills I need to get where I want to be. I know where I want to be and what I need to do to get there.

sitting on a rock

I’ve had my year to focus on enjoying my life, maintaining my fitness — treating myself sometimes more than I should and sleeping in sometimes more than I should. But it’s time to keep moving forward — and make the changes I need to make so 3 pounds doesn’t become 30 pounds.

The next step, as I look forward is to bring together what I know about leading a healthy, active life and incorporate that as Mr. B and I start our new life together as husband and wife, ensuring we’re both living our best lives possible — and taking care of ourselves so we can enjoy many more adventures together.

at niagara falls

Stay tuned as I dive back into training — a few half marathons on the horizon, and a brand-spakin’-new program from T2.5 to jumpstart things in the gym.

I hope Mr. B is prepared for what this means …



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2 responses to “What’s Next?

  1. wendy warren

    Still so proud of your choices in life!


  2. Kimi,
    I wanted to ask you – how did you go about setting your weight goal(s)? Was it an arbitrary thing? Did you consult with doctors, trainers, and other professionals?

    I ask, of course, because I’ve been thinking about this myself. I know weight is only one measurement of health and fitness but, starting from 300, it feels like an important one. When I first started paying attention to my health, I started with a goal of 275lbs. I picked this because A) I had been 275 not long ago and knew this was a reachable weight, B) it was a nice target to do 1lb/week and hit my goal by my birthday. However, even though I’ve been eating perfectly well and going to the gym a reasonable amount, I am already close to 280. I’ve started to think long-term. What is my next goal when I hit 275? What is my ultimate goal? How do I make these decisions? I’ll probably never be 225 but could I be 250? 240?

    In the meantime, I think you’re doing great. You’re right, you’re human, and eleven steps forward, one step back is nothing, absolutely nothing to feel bad about. You listened to your own needs and made the right choice for where you are right now.


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