I Still Have Lots to Say

Hello strangers! It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually written a legitimate, healthy lifestyle, fitness, running post. It’s coming. I promise. Sooner than later, I imagine, as my brain is full of things it wants to say.

I apologize that I’ve  been away so long — because I miss writing about my effort to live a happy, healthy life. But, you see, I’ve been a little bit busy over the past few months. You know … getting married! On Sept. 29, I married the love of my life during a sunrise wedding on my family’s cherry farm in northern Michigan. It was absolutely more perfect than I could have planned it.

The setting.

Yes, we literally skipped down the aisle after we were pronounced “Mr. and Mrs. B.”

Mr. and Mrs. B with our parents after the ceremony.

There will be more photos — and more posts — on the wedding blog in due time. But, needless to say, my mind’s been occupied with other matters over the past few months. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been running. I’ve been eating (moderately) well. I’ve been lifting — but just enough to maintain my strength, not gain any, however.

But now it’s time to refocus and set some new goals for myself — and my husband (still getting used to saying this!) — as we start our happy, healthy life together.

Please stay tuned — I promise I’ll be back to my regular bloggy-blogger self in no time. I still have LOTS to say. And LOTS of goals to meet. And I’d love if you’d be along for the ride.



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4 responses to “I Still Have Lots to Say

  1. Congrats Kimi!! You look so insanely happy!


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