Alzheimer’s Action Day: A Repost

I’d like to call your attention to last year’s post about Alzheimer’s Action Day, which is today.

Because I didn’t write a post this year about Alzheimer’s Disease. Not because it’s not important. Because it is SO important. But because it was … well … harder to put my thoughts down right now about it. There are a lot of emotions right now — for many reasons. This is one of them. This, I’m sure, will always be one of them.

I will tell you this: Alzheimer’s Disease sucks. Early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease? Sucks even more. It steals people from you who are way too young to be stolen, way too young to lose that part of them that makes them, well, themselves. And it hurts me — right in the gut, in the heart — whenever I think about it. And I can’t catch my breath.

So today? Instead of writing, I will be making a donation. In honor of a very special person in my life to the Alzheimer’s Association. Because right now? That’s all I know how to do.


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