Short — but Sweet — Status Report

I had a heart-to-heart with T2.5 last night. I’ve not been getting to the gym as often as I should. Cardio, we’re good. But I’ve only been weight lifting once, maybe twice, each week. That’s not enough for me, for my body.

And I can tell. Everything in my body is maintaining. Weight. Strength. Measurements.

I’m glad. Maintenance is hard. And it all could easily have gone in the wrong direction.

But I’m not ready to be in maintenance yet.

I mean, I’ve not been lazy, and I workout at least five days a week. Plus remaining pretty active on the weekends when Mr. B and I are together. Plus 2-mile lunchtime walks at least three days a week.

But apparently that’s just enough to keep me flat-lined.

So “it” will be getting real.

Well, at least halfway real as we get closer to the wedding (I have higher priorities for the next three weeks than two-a-days). Then, once the schedule clears and Mr. and Mrs. B can finally figure out a routine and settle into a schedule that works for us, “it” will be getting real real again.

Until then, it’s business as usual, with some added “oomph.”Because my plates are feeling very full at the moment. But not full enough that there’s no room for some “oomph” — cuz, like ice cream, there’s always room for a little “oomph.”

Have I mentioned that I am very much looking forward to marrying Mr. B, having an active and adventure-y honeymoon then coming home and settling into life with him where we can have some stability and certainty? No? Well I am.


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