Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

I have, admittedly, been busy lately and not writing as much as I’d like. Between wedding planning and working and spending time living, other things have taken precedence.

I’ve been so preoccupied, in fact, that I almost missed one of my most important anniversaries. It is kind of a big day for me. It’s the three-year anniversary of the day I decided to take control of my life, and tomorrow marks the day I actually took the steps to make those changes.

  • Starting weight, July 2009: 271 pounds
  • Current weight, July 2012: Healthy and happy
then and now

On the left, July 2009. On the right, July 2012.

I still cry when I see that picture on the left. And I (apparently) cry when I see the picture on the right. For two very different reasons.

In an effort to constantly improve and challenge myself, I sometimes forget how far I’ve come. And I sometimes forget to be proud of myself. And I sometimes forget to enjoy the ride. Reflection* is an important part of a life-long journey as well.

*You can guarantee that a reflection post is soon to follow.



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