Running is ALL the Things

For me, running is a lot of things:

  • Easy
  • Hard
  • Fun
  • Terrible
  • Exciting
  • Boring
  • Invigorating
  • Painful

You get the picture: Running is ALL the things.

picture while running

Running is ALL the things, including photo shoot time.

It just depends on the day. And it all depends on my attitude. A bad attitude can turn a good run into misery. But a good attitude can turn a bad run into a really great opportunity to learn about yourself as a runner.

Some days, I come back from running feeling like an Olympian. Other days, I feel like it was the first run I’d ever done. But, typically, I’ve found that running is a great reflection of other areas of my life in that I get out of it what I put into it.

When people found out I started running, they had a lot to say about it:

  1. That’s so bad for your knees.
  2. You’re going to hurt yourself.
  3. You know, running isn’t for everyone. (This one typically featured the side-eye and head tilt.)
  4. You don’t have to run.
  5. Running’s so boring.

Honestly, I still hear some of these things when people find out I run.

But you know what I say to that?

  1. So is weighing 271 pounds and trying to walk around doing regular everyday things.
  2. Possibly. But I could will most likely, at some point, hurt myself walking down the sidewalk.
  3. No, indeed it’s not. But it is for me.
  4. Yes I do.
  5. Running can be boring — but it also can be the most amazing thing I do on a given day.

And then they go on to ask me why I run. I tell them: health, fitness, happiness. I tell them: I enjoy it; it challenges me; it helps me de-stress. I tell them: Because I can. But, really, it’s even more than that. I run so I can:

Hike — and enjoy it


At Warren Dunes State Park — no relation.

Climb dunes — and not have to stop a zillionty times to catch my breath

Climbing the dunes

I swear this sandy dune went straight up into the sky at a 90 degree angle from the ground.

Eat good food — and not feel guilty or ashamed

Bison burger

Bison burgers and homemade sweet potato “fries” for Mr. B and me

Swim and frolic on the beach — and not feel completely uncomfortable and embarrassed

at the beach

Enjoying a lazy day in the sun with Mr. B — and my 100 SPF sunscreen and floppy hat

Go fishing with people who matter to me — and not feel completely uneasy on a boat with limited move-around space

steelhead smiles

Look, Ma! I caught a fish!

Spend time with friends — and do things we all enjoy doing


Biking with friends is the perfect summertime funtime.

Running is about being able to do things I wasn’t able to do before because I didn’t take care of my(whole)self. Running is about making myself better, healthier, happier.

Really, I run so I can live.

Special note: Many of these same reasons/responses could be given when people ask me why I eat the way I do.

Could these things be accomplished with other activities? Zumba? Walking? Biking? Swimming? Yes. Indeed they could. But, you know what? Running makes me happy; running makes me proud. So I do what I love. Trust me, when you find that activity that you truly love to do, it will happen for you, too. It’s not about motivation or deprivation. It’s about enjoyment; it’s about living.



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8 responses to “Running is ALL the Things

  1. You are AWESOME! I love this post! Congratulations on falling in love with running! Do what you love! I run because it sets my soul free INSTANTLY — I run, to breath!


  2. barryahmad

    thats a way of staying healthy keep it up


  3. Sometimes I have my best runs when I really don’t want to run!


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