When a Trainer Becomes a Friend

Sometimes I head to the gym on Monday nights and have a really tough, sweaty workout with Trainer 2.5. Sometimes I head to the gym on Monday nights and have what have come to be known as counseling sessions — just as much mental work as they are physical.

No matter what, it’s always exactly what I need.

Trainer 2.5 and I have been working out together for a long time. When he sees me walk in the gym, he can read me better than I can sometimes read myself. And he knows exactly what I need. He knows when I need to be pushed and when I need to take it easy. He’s seen me at some of my lowest, darkest points — and helped me work through them in a physical way. He’s also seen me at my strongest points. He’s seen me on love’s roller coaster — the valleys and the tippy top of the hills. And he was happier when I found my true love than many of my closest friends.

Honestly, some days T2.5 is even kinder to me than I am to myself. (He and Mr. B would make a very good team if they ever decided to team up against me for my own good.) Frankly, T2.5 is as much a counselor as a trainer. He’s a supporter, encourager, challenger, pusher. He’s a friend.

me and Trainer 2.5

Trainer 2.5 has seen me through a lot of things — emotionally and mentally as well as physically.

While no longer my official “trainer,” T2.5 is a friend I work out with once a week. A fantastic friend. He teaches me things in the gym I don’t know how to do. And he helps me push past my own mental and physical barriers.

Tonight I walked in the gym feeling defeated and exhausted. For many reasons I won’t go into tonight. He saw it right away. And he called me on it. We chatted for a bit, and then we got down to business.

I asked him to go easy on my legs because we may have our timed mile at bootcamp at 5:30 in the morning, and I’m going to need my legs. Needless to say, though, my arms and abs got quite the workout and are going to be quite sore in about 48 hours.

Other things to come out of this workout:

  • A terrible migraine, brought on somewhere in the middle of the bench presses
  • A middle-of-the-gym neck and temple massage from T2.5 in an effort to rid me of the migraine
  • An attempt by T2.5 to pop my shoulder back in after it started making a terrible cracking noise mid-overhead press
  • A serious heart-to-heart with T2.5 (he’s getting married in a month, so he understands some of the things I’m dealing with right now)
  • An assignment to get a deep-tissue massage. Soon.
  • A reading of my blog (at the gym) as a reminder of how far I’ve come, followed by a lecture about being nice to myself and not so hard on myself all the time
  • A reminder that I don’t have to can’t be perfect, so I need to stop trying
  • A realization that I am due for some major reflection. And yoga.

Mondays are always hard days for me. They’re the day I say good-bye to Mr. B for another full week. So, I’m often in dire need of a dose of reality and a hard workout to deal with my emotions — a much healthier way than I used to deal with them. So, Mondays and T2.5 are a pretty perfect fit. Much more than that, though, T2.5 has been such a blessing throughout the entire process of taking control of my life and taking care of myself. And I owe him much more than a blog post full of nice words.



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14 responses to “When a Trainer Becomes a Friend

  1. I want a trainer like that! 🙂


  2. wendy warren

    Isn’t it nice too have such good friends who care so much about you?!


  3. Lorrie Warren

    He sounds like the perfect friend! And he’s as lucky to have found you as his friend as you are to have found him as your friend.


  4. T2.5

    first i would like to say thank you for the kind words. Second no matter the trainer it started with u years ago im thankful that i can be a part of your changes… Even the ones from adding more protein to your diet… Lol j/k… I look forward to monday also because if i had a bad day i know that the work is going to make me laught at the100 ways you are going to tell me you hate me…. You are a trainers dream. wished Everyone had your drive your heart to go as far as you have in the gym a person needs to open up and over come weakness and find that everyone has strong points. A lot of people hold back and it make it hard to train that person.. You make the trainer. you make me step up my game every monday and have made me a better trainer… But when it coming time that you dont need me no more my hand has a friend will be there to pick you up when needed…

    p.s. Sorry about the spelling and type o. Thats why im a trainer lol


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