An Ode to My Cheerleaders

A quick little poem to fill this space until I write a recap of the race.

Mr. B and Kelly

Mr. B and Miss K were, quite possibly, the best cheerleaders on the whole race course.

Sometimes I wonder if spectators know
How important it is, the love that they show
Knowing they’re out there, clapping with cheer
Brings to my eye a nice, thankful tear

The love and support they share is amazing
It makes my feet fly and my heart simply sing
I’m grateful to have each on my side
Tagging along and going for the ride

Standing outside screaming and waiting
Could leave one feeling bored and, honestly, hating
But the cheerleaders stood, happy and true
Lining the streets of ol’ Kalamazoo

During the race, their presence was felt
Thinking back, it makes my heart melt
Their signs were the best on all of the course
Drawing me in like a powerful force

To Kelly and Mr. B, I have to say “thanks”
You made this race the top of the ranks
I can’t stress enough how much that it means
To have you in many of my race-day scenes

Thank you, oh, thank you, 1 million times
I’m afraid that I’m running out of my rhymes
In closing, I’ll say, you simply are swell
A fact all must know, so I just had to tell

All the signs

The runners, the cheerleaders and the signs.



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9 responses to “An Ode to My Cheerleaders

  1. Great post!! I’ve run many races (while I lived in other states) but my race two weeks ago was the first one that I had people cheering for me! It felt AMAZING to know my mom and aunt were waiting at the finish line ready to cheer me on!! I thanked my mom for coming but I don’t think she knew how much it meant to me for her to be there and see me PR. 🙂


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