Just A Quick, Reflective ‘Hello’

Kim Warren with Official Tribute Photo

Standing outside the State Capitol Building with the "tribute" given to me during the legislative portion of the Governor's Fitness Awards program.

As I drove to work from Mr. B’s house today, I reflected on yesterday — and all the points leading up to it. I am moved beyond belief by the amount of support, encouragement and inspiration that has gotten me to where I am. If you think you want to do this alone, I would encourage you to reach out to someone — anyone — and allow them to be part of your journey with you.

I kept my weight-loss efforts a secret for some time in the beginning. It worked OK for me. But, once I opened up the window, and then the door, to my experiences, my journey has improved and grown 1,000-fold. Thank you ALL for being part of this with me. My story is so much better because of every single one of you.

I promise a much more in-depth post about the Governor’s Fitness Awards and my time spent with the other honorees yesterday. But I still have a lot of reflecting to do. Until then, I remain utterly grateful for all of you for letting me share my story — the good parts and the bad parts — and for offering support, encouragement and a friendly dose of reality when it’s needed.

Ford Field

Our "Fitness Fancy" banquet was at Ford Field. Mr. B and I took some time to walk around the building before the event started. I share this picture only because I'm very proud of the strength I see in my calves. I used to be ashamed of their size; I now embrace their strength and power.



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2 responses to “Just A Quick, Reflective ‘Hello’

  1. I remember when you called me to say that you had joined Weight Watchers. I am in awe of how far you have come since that day!


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