On Being the Best

To me, it’s not about being the -est. No, everyone who asks, I did not win the marathon. Nor any of the other races I entered. Though I am pretty proud of the few age-group medals and trophy I have.


Source: Hyperbole and a Half

But I’m not perfect. And I’m not the best at anything. Well, except one thing: I’m the best me I can be. And I make mistakes. And I fall. And I cry.

And then I brush off and get back up and do my best until the next slip.

And then I … well. Yeah. You get it.

Health. Fitness. Happiness. None of these things are about “perfect.” They’re about doing the best you can with what you have the moment you have it.

And then learning how to do better the next time. And the next time. And the next time.

We all have days where staying in bed, under the covers for an extra 30 minutes of sleep sounds better than a half hour in the weight room. And that’s OK — now and again.

So, no, I’m not perfect — quite the opposite — and neither are you. But I am the best me I can be, and you are the best you (or at least you should be trying to be).

And the best me? She eats ice cream and takes days off and rests her weary body when it tells her to slow down. (Whispery voice: OK, sometimes I don’t exactly listen every time. But I do eventually. Because my body demands it.)

If you didn’t do something because you aren’t the best at it? Well, you might as well stay home in your cocoon. Because there will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be someone better than you at something. Even the “winners” and the “bestest” have days where someone is better than they are.

The only thing you can guarantee to win at every time is being you.


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