I Like to Run; I Like to Rhyme

Happy running time

Mid-marathon, and I'm still smilin' — because I love running.

I’ve found a sport I think is fun,
And that, my friends, is why I run.
Not just because it’s for my health,
And, certainly, no source of wealth.

If I only ran cuz it’s good for me
But I hated every bend o’ the knee,
It’d do no good, I’d be moody
No matter how it helped my booty.

I’d find excuses, reasons to skip
A work project, a “little sore” hip
And then I’d feel oh-so guilty
My muscles and confidence getting wilty

The key, you see, is having fun
While getting healthy, gettin’ it done.
Just because I like run
Doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

If heading out for on an evening jog
Brings to mind a scary bog
Or bores your mind and makes you sad
Running, my love, shouldn’t be had.

Find something else that you can do
Walking, swimming, biking, too
Some I know prefer zumba
Or, even, I hear, dancing the rumba

The only way to make habits stick
Is finding something that won’t make you sick.
And won’t find you making all the excuses,
And continuing on with your bodily abuses.

So, as I close this silly ol’ poem
And head out for a run, a roam,
I ask and plead with you to find
Activities that you don’t mind.

Things that put a skip in your step
And find you facing them with pep.
Running may not be your thing
But something WILL make your heart sing.

Know yourself and what you like
Whether that be a run or a hike.
The only way to stick with it
Is finding exercises that fit.

post-long run

Exhausted after 20 miles. But oh-so happy.


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