I Don’t ‘Do’ Sick

If you know me, you know I don’t “do” sick very well. I’m a terrible patient and, for the most part, no matter what you do to try to make me feel better, it’s probably only going to make me feel worse.

As I told Mr. B, if you comfort me, I’ll probably get annoyed. If you don’t comfort me, I’ll probably get mad. It’s a terrible, vicious thing. And I don’t know what to say about it — other than, I’m sorry (in advance) and I promise I’ll return to my normal happy, healthy, optimistic self in short order. (And, not that it’s any consolation, I fully recognize that I’m being ridiculous while it’s happening.)

I don’t know why I’m such a terrible patient. I used to get sick a lot more often than I do now. And, Mom will tell you I was pretty much a hypochondriac. Not anymore. Since I took control back for my health —my life — I can count the number of times I’ve been sick on one hand. And I think that makes it worse. You see, I guard my health very carefully, as I’ve come to appreciate that it’s one of my most valuable possessions. So when something threatens that, Mother Hen appears to protect her chick. And her chick is my health.

If you couldn’t guess, I’m sick. Not the kind of coughing, sneezing, itching, watering eyes kind of sick. More like an unexplained mystery that has left the doctor guessing and checking. I’ve been fighting some dizziness for several weeks. In the past few weeks, there have been visits to my doctor, numerous blood tests, an ear exam and balance tests.

blood draw image

If there's something I hate more than being sick, it's having my blood drawn. Needles and I don't mix. And, I guarantee you, if you try to stick me, there will be tears.

After all these tests and visits, the doctor still wasn’t certain what was wrong with me. But she had a guess: Vertigo. And let me tell you, it ain’t pleasant. At all. She talked to me about it a bit and gave me some exercises to do. She also talked to me about a prescription I could take to help alleviate the symptoms. But, she warned, there are some side effects. The worst? Drowsiness.

I resisted the medication — I hate putting prescriptions into my body unless absolutely necessary, and I will always opt for a “natural” cure before I’ll turn to a prescription. After three weeks of worsening dizziness, I couldn’t take it anymore. I called in the prescription order.


The very first thing I do whenever starting a new prescription is read the patient information packet (including the side effects). I guess I just need to know what could go wrong — even if it most likely won't.

I took the prescription for the first time last night. It helped me fall asleep without a spinning room around me. It also basically knocked me out for the entire night. I almost missed my bootcamp alarm this morning.

And bootcamp was rough. I was groggy for most of it, and at one point — mid-burpee — I almost passed out. I’ve never had to sit out in bootcamp before. I was pissed not happy to miss one of the three sets of burpees.

It was clear this prescription was going to be a problem. So, I didn’t take another one for some time. But that didn’t stop it from affecting me. I was tired, and nearly sleeping, all day long. I ended up giving in and took a half of a pill around 12:30 this afternoon. That was a huge mistake. Writing, editing and managing? Not so easy when falling asleep at one’s desk. I ended up heading home around 3:30 or 4 and crashing for an hour.

And now I write in an effort to keep myself awake until an appropriate bedtime (that won’t cause me to wake up, after eight hours, in the middle of the night).

Honestly, at this point, I’m struggling to decide if the vertigo is worse or the medication.



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7 responses to “I Don’t ‘Do’ Sick

  1. Andre Arceneaux

    A friend of mine just recently went through a long period of vertigo and other issues. She finally went to an ENT and he said all he could think it might be is something called Labyrinthitis. Didn’t really sound like anything fun…except kind of a cool name. But she had inner ear issues…..do you?? Anyway…may be a path worth checking out just to rule it out. Who knows. They might stumble upon some answers along the way. Good luck! I’ve had major vertigo and it’s not a blast. I’d offer a hug but you may not accept it….I’d offer to back off but you may want me near….ack! hahaha


  2. Matt

    I hope that they get it figured out soon, and how is it needles bother you but you have Tats??


    • What can I say? I’m weird. Tattoo and piercing needles cause me no pain/anxiety. There’s just something about having the needle in the competent hands of a white-coat phlebotomist that freaks me out. As my dad once said about me: “You are the opposite of everything.”


  3. I feel your pain. I went through that years ago and it is not any fun. I had to crawl back to bed one night because I couldn’t stand up – then back in bed I felt like I was strapped to one of those wheels…like in the circus where a knife thrower throws knives at a lady on a spinning wheel. Awful! And the only thing the medicine does is allow you to sleep through the dizziness. 😦 IF you tolerate Benadry, it works along the same lines as the prescription but didn’t make me as sleepy. Hang in there!!!!!!


    • I’ve definitely decided that the dizziness is WAY better than the drowsiness. And, as long as I stay moving, I’m fine. It’s that whole sitting still and stopping part that’s making it so bad. Mom also suggested Dramamine, so perhaps I’ll try one of those two options. Thanks, Marge!


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