Putting the ‘Life’ in ‘Healthy Lifestyle’

As my biggest fan (read: Mom) pointed out in her comment to an earlier post, I’ve been MIA a bit lately. And I feel that maybe I have a little ‘splaining to do.

I know, I know ... I have some 'splaining to do. If only I had her cute apron.

I started blogging to chronicle my weight-loss journey. Well, then I lost the weight. So I’ve used it to chronicle my new healthy lifestyle and all that entails. And, lately, the “life” in lifestyle has taken precedence to the chronicling.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing: Living life. And a wonderful life it is.

While I’ve always lived a pretty blessed life, I finally have someone worth sharing it with — someone who appreciates the simple joys of snow angels as much as he does the fancy lobster dinners. And the adventures, oh the adventures. Some of them bigger than others.

OK. So what exactly have I been up to? Rather than bore you with thousands of words of how excellent things are, I’ll bore you with pictures.

Mr. B and I went to Chicago, where we survived our first vacation together with nary a fight. And fell even more deeply in love. Well, at least I did.

There has been a lot of laughing.

And lots of lovey-dovey couple-y moments.

Oh, yes, there was football. And a cranky cat.

We've been running together. Running, apparently, equals deer-finding. Because, boy, oh, boy were there a lot of deer around.

Sledding. Snow angels. Fun, but also a great workout. Up and down. Up and down.

We went skiing ...

... which for me meant falling ...

... and for Mr. B, clowning.

In the end, I guess it all ties together, you know? It’s been this journey — from where I started to where I am in this moment, writing about why I’ve not been writing — that has brought me to this point. This point where I can finally stop looking back at who I was and enjoy every single second of who I am. This point where the future is ohsomuchmore than the past ever could have been. This point where happy meets healthy.

I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes the “here and now” is what’s most important. And, while I’m feeling more inspired than ever to write, there are other things I’ve been choosing to do with my time.

Because I know all too well that time is fleeting. And moments that bring us joy and laughter and love are what matter. And lately I’ve been having too many of those to count. And I don’t want to miss a single thing. I’ve been filling my memory bank with so many stories, and I am so excited to share them with all of you. But it may take some time.

Not really ... because Michigan's winter won't cooperate with my schedule. But there will be fishing. Someday ...



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6 responses to “Putting the ‘Life’ in ‘Healthy Lifestyle’

  1. Looks like you’ve been having a great time:) That is what “life” is all about. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))


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