Stop Stopping and Start Going

I hear a lot of “I’m going to get healthy. So, I’m going to stop …”

This is usually followed by a list of such atrocities as:

  • watching TV
  • eating “crap”
  • sitting so much
  • driving everywhere

Now, yes, when you do these things in excess, it’s not good. But, these people who I usually hear saying these things? They usually only last about a week.

My opinion?

They have the wrong attitude. If you go into it with a list of all the things you “must stop doing” in order to succeed, your story automatically becomes one of deprivation and negativity. And deprivation is no one’s friend.

For me, getting healthy wasn’t about stopping anything. It was about starting. It was about positivity and adding to my life — not taking away.

The things I started doing?

  • started making better food choices
  • started enjoying my food more
  • started cooking more
  • started indulging when I wanted — in moderation
  • started moving more — one step is all it takes
  • started appreciating my life more
  • started living more

See the difference there?

If I had decided that I needed to “stop eating ice cream” I would be a lot closer to the beginning of my journey than I am now. Rather, it’s about enjoying ice cream and having it when it’s a treat — and something I can enjoy. Like my once-a-week dish of ice cream with Mr. B.

Once you start making the small changes, you realize you don’t have to stop enjoying your life — and the things you thought you needed to quit will end up falling off the radar all by themselves.

Besides, the things that have held you back from making these steps — those things you think you “can’t” do — won’t soon matter. Because they pale in comparison to all of the things you’ll amaze yourself doing.*

Oh, wait, I lied. There is one thing you need to stop doing in order to get started: Stop making excuses!

OK. Now go!

*Please note, this sentence originally read “Because they pale in comparison to all of the things you do do.” But then I couldn’t get Chandler Bing out of my mind.



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