A Truly Thankful Heart

Subtitled: My happy gratefulness is about to get even more annoying.

Turkey Head

I think maybe turkey just makes people thoughtful.

As tummies settle and dishes are done
I’ve become quite the thoughtful one
This year’s been full of highs and lows
Cuz, really, ain’t that how life goes?

As I sit and think and let it all digest
I take time to reflect on the good and the best
Cuz sadness and sickness are spread all around
But the happies and funnies and gifts do abound

I’m full of thoughts of hope and thanks
And see just how high this year ranks
As Thanksgiving day turns into the night
I’d like to focus on the good and the bright

I’ve got my health — and ain’t it grand?
I’ve got my family, the best in the land
And then there’s him, my Mr. B
A perfect match, I think, for me

Let’s not forget my lovely pals
Near and far, the guys and gals
And then there are things I musn’t neglect
Like the walls of my homes that always protect

And of course there is hope, faith and some joy
My happiness, I’m told, can kind of annoy
But I’m thankful and nothing that they say amends
I’ve been given a life I appreciate, friends

I’m blessed, I can say, more than I have earned
To do good, be good, share good I have yearned
But always, oh always, there’s more we can do
To make the world brighter and more funner, too

Remember that these things don’t have a season
Kindness, goodness and love all without reason
Share of yourself and embrace gratitude
A heart full of love is the best attitude

And spreading the love, the gifts and the happy
Will quite guarantee a year-end that ain’t crappy
Make it a good one, end on a high note
Oh, and, of course, here’s my standard fun quote:

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Also, wanna see something funny? Click on this link. You won’t regret it. Yes, it’s the turkey-head scene from “Friends.”


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