Adventures in Bootcamping

Subtitled: Why I Smile Through the Pain

Today’s session at “Marathon Adventures Bootcamp” (yes, that is the real name and it is an adventure) was so much fun. In fact, both of the sessions this week were a blast — despite my injuries.


Bootcamp injury. Not used to gripping the rock wall differently in my barefoot shoes (gotta use my own toes, not the shoe’s sole), I fell down the wall three times — once pinching my skin in between my HRM and a rock. I have a few matchers on my legs, too.

Tuesday: Obstacle Course

Our bootcamp meets at a park with a lot of playground equipment, so that’s what we use for our obstacle course. The “assignment” was to complete the course four times, running in between each station. I got in some extra stations in the allotted time, for a total of 2.85 miles. Here’s how it broke down:

  • Sprint about 1/8 of a mile-ish
  • Hopscotch
  • Squat and duck under and through the playground equipment
  • Climb up the jungle gym thingy
  • Run down the stairs
  • Ten picnic table step-ups (I added a high-knee at the end)
  • Squat shuffles around the cones
  • Rolling planks (front, side, front, other side, front), 20 seconds per side
  • Climb up and down the rock wall (We’ve done this before, and I’ve only slipped once on wet rocks. This time? I fell three of the four times. I blame not realizing that I’d have to grip the rocks with my own toes since I was wearing my barefoot shoes. Lesson learned.)
  • Ten push-ups
  • Various bicep/tricep/back hand-weight exercises (10 pounders — different exercise each time through, 15 reps)

Thursday: Tempo with a Twist

We were supposed to have a five-mile tempo run today, but Marathon Don shook things up for us a bit. My total distance this morning: 3.66 miles:

  • 1.11-mile warmup (9:55 pace) (Random distance, I know. But once we finished our one-mile warmup, we turned around to finish with those at the back of the pack — in bootcamp, no one finishes alone.)
  • 0.64 miles up tempo (8:00 pace) (Another random distance, but we used streets as our turns and stops, so it just equaled out as it did. The slower runners turned a block earlier than I did, and the faster runners went a block farther so we all finished at “basecamp” at the same time.)
  • Thirty modified kettle bell swings in which Don said to “squeeze your cheeks together like you’re pinching a grape.” A fellow bootcamper suggested we just call them “grape crushers.”
  • 0.64 miles up tempo (7:53 pace)
  • Twenty-five “picnic table balancing crunches” in which we teetered on the edge of picnic tables.
  • 0.64 miles up tempo (8:04 pace)
  • Forty squats and 25 picnic-table push-ups
  • 0.64 miles up tempo (8:10 pace)
  • Stretching

I still have some lingering soreness from the workout (and the falling) on Tuesday, so I’ll be interested to see how things progress over the next couple of days. All in all, really great stuff. Who says working out isn’t fun?


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