Friday Story Time

Once upon a time, there was a sleeping princess. Beautiful as she slept, her short hair smashed straight up against the pillow — sure to result in a just-woke-up coiffure all the ladies in waiting would envy.

She awoke at 4 a.m. to the chirping of crickets and tweeting of birds, courtesy her iPhone, and went about her business. Bustling about, preparing for her Friday trip to the gym. A princess has to keep her shoulders in prime dress-fitting shape, after all. Her breakfast was prepared: A bowl of cereal with whey protein and almond milk — one of the princess’ favorite hurry-I’m-running-late breakfasts.

She stepped into her workout attire, which neatly had been placed out the evening before: A smashing outfit of tight-fitting capris and a sweat-wicking tank, hot pink, of course. She pressed down her hair and placed her Bondi Band on her head, the positive message staring back at her smiling face from the mirror. She sat on her bed to tie her shoes, lying back for just a minute — ignoring the pea-sized annoyance poking her back from under the covers (a rogue earplug, she later would discover).

‘Twas 45 minutes later when she awoke, for the second time, to a kiss — a scratchy cat-tongue kiss. Confused, she wandered about her palace, making breakfast and preparing for the day. Not once did she think to look down and see she already was in her gym attire. She sat down to eat her breakfast because, quite honestly, she was feeling a bit hungry. It was then that she realized that this was, in fact, the same thing she had already done that day. Too late to go to the gym, she decided to finish her second breakfast — hungry as she was — of Greek yogurt and honey because she’s a princess and can eat second breakfast if she wants.

“Interesting way to start my day,” she thought to herself as she locked up her apartment palace and headed out into the day’s muggy heat. “I’m just such a silly nilly sometimes.” She walked to her car, shaking her head and laughing.



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5 responses to “Friday Story Time

  1. Thanks for the smile, princess!


  2. Lorrie

    Funny girl!


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