Post Potpourri

I was scrolling through my drafts folder — there are a lot of half-written posts in there — and came across a few random items that I’m sure were the start (or end) of a genius post. Instead, we’ll go all “Jeopardy”-like and just call them “Potpourri” — for your reading pleasure:

  • I don’t ever want to forget how far I’ve come. I don’t want to take my journey for granted. I don’t want to forget the work I’ve put in mentally and physically to make the changes I’ve made in my life. Because a healthy lifestyle — when you’ve spent most of your life borderline morbidly obese — is a mental battle just as much as it is a physical one.
  • You shouldn’t do anything to lose the weight that you’re not willing or able to do to keep it off. This includes working out and eating.
  • Teasing and serving as the butt of all jokes were part of how I defined myself for the longest time. Always the outsider, the fat girl who would forever be alone. Of course, I now know that’s not true. And I’d love to go back and tell myself the truths I know now about life and friendship and love and pride. And what’s truly important in life. Have I ever had a big group of friends or been one of the popular crowd? Nah. But the friends I do have are so important, valuable and amazing. Quality over quantity, that’s for sure.
  • It’s easy to forget that each person’s journey is her own. When I see someone who weighs less than me complaining about how she’s fat or has a long way to go, I used to think, “Geez. If she thinks that about her, what does she think about me?” When in truth she probably isn’t even thinking about me — or noticing my weight.
  • A lot of things in life will fall into place when you start paying attention to the difference between “need” and “want.”
  • Weight-loss reminds me of relationships. When it’s new, it’s fun. And easy. You make an effort to try new things and have fun with it. When your relationship is a priority, you work on it; when your weight-loss is a priority, you’ll work on it. When things start to feel old and stale, you put it aside and don’t pay as much attention to it as you should and your relationship — or your weight loss — suffers.

PotpourriAny potpourri of you’re own you’d like to add to the … well … pot?


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