I’m on Vacation! Day 1: Saturday

Day one of “Operation Mental Health” proved to be quite enjoyable. Got to sleep in — body didn’t wake me up until 6:15. Made myself a mug of oatmeal using the coffee pot in my hideaway.

The Inn that has become my little hideaway

Loving my little hideaway. It's cozy. It's roomy. It's mine (for a few days, anyway).

Took some time getting ready, read a little (“The Help” — finally). My nice, easy drive up to Maine this morning allowed for a little singing and thinking. Then, best of the best!

I got to have lunch with Heidi and Tristan. The food was good, that’s for sure (grilled haddock tacos for me). But the company was even better. Their kids are so sweet and fun. I kinda wished I lived closer so I could go do fun things like hang out at the zoo and go Slip ‘n’ Sliding with them (not at the same time, of course — I don’t think the zebras like the Slip ‘n’ Slide). You never know what you’re going to get when you meet people you really only know through their online person. But, these two? As genuinely kind and intelligent and lovely as they are on their blogs.

The obligatory post-food photo! Beautiful people, beautiful family.

On their recommendation, I headed into downtown Portland after lunch. Really nice to just walk around, window shop (OK, OK — real shop) and enjoy myself.

Gettin' my pecas on ...

Lots of lovely water-filled views.

And gorgeous cobblestone streets.

Ended up having a conversation with a bookseller who is thinking about moving to my hometown in Michigan. In fact, he and his wife are headed there next week. They want to start a farm! It’s random because my hometown is small and far away from any major urban centers. And it’s north. Cold, snowy, north. I walked, shopped and soaked up some sun. And just, well, thoroughly enjoyed some quiet Kimi time.* There may have even been some ice cream. Forget running a race in every state. I want to eat ice cream in every state.

To cap off my first day, I headed back to Rockport, Mass. — car full of treats from a stop at Trader Joe’s — and hung out a bit in my hideaway. I got some quality reading/relaxing/doing-nothing time in and even finished “The Help,” thankful I had stopped at that bookseller in Portland to pick up a new book to read on the rest of my trip.

A good book is a key ingredient to a lovely vacation.

I made a lovely little in-room dinner of pita bread, almond butter, banana and a tray of veggies. Seemed good for a pre-race dinner. (Though, admittedly, I put a lot more thought into my pre-race dinner for my first half marathon.)

Dinner and a book. Beats dinner and a movie.

Around 7, I put on some decent be-seen-in-public clothes and walked down to the state park that’s just down the road from the inn. I found a bench and spent the next hour just watching the seagulls bathe themselves and the sun make her descent. It was an absolutely glorious end to a lovely day. I feel my mental health improving by the second.

This moment? Right there? When the sun dipped below thw horizon? My heart felt peace.

Headed back so I could call it a night early, ensuring I’d be well rested for tomorrow’s race. Oh, and I started my new book, too, “Outlander.”

*At lunch, Heidi asked me if I was seeing anyone. I’m not — it’s still just me. But it got me thinking a bit. As much as I am loving this do-what-I-want, only-worry-about-my-fun trip and all of the wonderful things I have planned, it would be nice to have someone to share some of these memories with. You know, in person, as they happen. Add to my ever-growing list of things that would be nice in a partner: A love of travel and trying new things.



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2 responses to “I’m on Vacation! Day 1: Saturday

  1. Absolutely, glorious picture of the sunset. Thanks for sharing. Funny, I just stepped outside and saw the most beautiful, round, orange moon rising over the barn and thought to myself “That’s the same moon rising over Kimi”. Hope you got to enjoy that too.


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