A Long-Run With the Best of Intentions

Today’s schedule called for 10 miles. I also had a 5k planned with my co-workers. Well, the starting line was between 7.5 and 7.8 miles to my house. I decided to run home from the race. Then, when I saw the weather report for today (it’s already almost 80 degrees), I decided to run to the race. No big deal — I just wouldn’t be running for any medals or records during the race. It was a fun race with a team of co-workers anyway.

Well, last night I went to one of my local running stores and spent some time chatting with the owner. I mentioned my plans for running to the race, and he pulled out a huge map of all the roads and helped me map a route that was A) not on a major highway and B) included some shade. Perfect! I had the route; I had the plan; I had my alarm set.

So I got up and ate my oatmeal pancakes (a MUST before any long run) and got ready while breakfast digested. Packed up a couple of Gus, filled my water bottle, slathered on some sunscreen and plugged in my headphones. I was off. As I was running I was thinking that the course seemed a little long. When I hit 6.5 miles, it became increasingly clear that there was no way I was going to make it to the starting line in time — much less pick up my packet and meet my team. At about mile 7.5, I called a teammate to pick up my packet and then come pick me up so I could make it to the race. I feel so bad for having to call her and take her away from the race — where she’d already parked and was ready to go. She wasn’t able to find me before she had to head it back to the race. So, I ran the whole way and made it to the starting line with six minutes to spare.

Guess what my Garmin said. Yep: 9.02 miles. I ran 9 miles to a 5k race, with another 3.1 miles stretching out in front of me. No worries, I knew I had it in me. But, since I wasn’t exactly planning on it, it was just a tad annoying. I decided to take it a bit slow and ran with one of my coworkers who was just back from maternity leave for her first run since a C-section. After running with her for the first 1.5 miles, I took off on my own to finish with whatever I had left in me.

Ended up finishing in 32:17. Not my best time — I’ve run much faster 5ks than that. But, I’m still happy with it. I got good mileage in today at an average 10-minute pace for all 12.27 miles. Yes, 12.27 — the 5k was actually 3.25 miles.

All in all, a good way to start the day. Not exactly how I envisioned it, but, all in all, I’m pleased.


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