Where in the World is Kimi Joy?

OK, so I’ve been quiet. I’m sorry — I really do miss writing and “talkin’” with all of you. But, sometimes when my heart is heavy all I want to do is write. Other times, my muse hides away in the deepest caverns of my soul and comes out when she’s darn well good and ready. Plus, I have been on vacation. And it was busy — and fun. Here’s a quick top 10 13 of the things I’ve been doing. I’ll be back later with full recaps on vacation, skydiving (!) and my 15k race.

  1. I went skydiving. Holy crap, I still can’t believe I did it!
  2. I spent some lazy beach time — and didn’t feel self conscious in my suit. At. All. Win, win, win, win, win.
  3. I worked on the farm — at our market and in the cherry trees.
  4. I ate way too many cherries to count.
  5. I spent some much-needed time reading for fun and chilling out in the sunshine (lathered with my SPF 50, of course).
  6. I ran. Even returned home to fit in a bootcamp session.
  7. I hung out with Rosebud a lot — though, “a lot” is not enough. There may have been some crying. And some ice cream. There may also have been a killer butt-kickin’ bootcamp mini session that caused RB to not be able to sit for two days. (Also win.)
  8. I spent one-on-one time with Mom and with Dad. I needed it. So did they. There may have been some crying.
  9. I got to play lots with my nieces and nephews. Family time is (mostly) fun time.
  10. I went on a boat and visited with my brother. RB was there, too (of course)!
  11. I helped build a grill.
  12. I caught up with some of my oldest and dearest friends.
  13. I ran a 15k race during the National Cherry Festival. There was a very big hill.

A couple pictures:

All suited up for skydiving

The instructor even picked a fun color for me!

Beach ready

Hey! Guess who didn't feel self-conscious walking around on the beach in just her bathing suit!

Rosebud Bootcamp

A very sweaty mini-bootcamp session with my sister was just what the doctor ordered.

Me on a boat

Loved getting to hang out on the boat (however briefly) with my brother and sister.

We built a grill

Look, Ma! We built a grill for Grandma!

Picking Cherries

Yep! I even picked some cherries. (Two for my mouth, one for the bucket.)

Rosebud and me

Rosebud and me after the race, looking very sweaty and accomplished.*

*Special thanks to Cherry Bay Orchards/Shoreline Fruit for allowing us to be part of their team — and for taking this rockin’ picture of us by the big cherry.


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One response to “Where in the World is Kimi Joy?

  1. Rhonda

    Good for you, Kim. Keep on truckin’ with that great attitude and joie de vivre.


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