I Believe in Love

With a lot on my plate — and even more on my mind — I need to remind myself of a few of my core beliefs, just as much as I want to share them with you. I believe:

  • We all have our struggles, our troubles. This doesn’t make us special.
  • How we handle our struggles — that is what makes us special.
  • When the night is the darkest, we must shine our brightest.
  • Class is an art. There is not enough of this kind of art in the world.
  • It’s OK to give in to the tears now and again — they have their place in happy times and sad, stressed times and calm. Just don’t let them take control of everything.
  • A hug goes further than any medication, any comfort food in curing what ails you. Same goes for a listening ear.
  • A heart is like any other muscle. When it tears and breaks it comes back even stronger, as long as you feed it right and take care of it. So, when life is hard, feed your heart with love and faith and gentleness and laughter and it will heal even stronger than it was before.
  • A smile makes all the difference — to the giver and the receiver.
  • “Tolerance” can be an ugly word. “Compassion” and “love” are much more friendly — and usually more appropriate.
  • Love and kindness are always the answer — and they will grow where you plant them.

“Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Care to share some of your beliefs?



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3 responses to “I Believe in Love

  1. wendy warren

    We always wonder, as a parent, if we’ve done our best in raising our children. I believe that you are proof that ,just perhaps, I have.


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