I’m Not Fancy

When it comes time to dress up for something I sometimes struggle. I stress a little over what to wear — not wanting to be overdressed nor under-dressed, but still looking like me. You see, I’m not a girly-girl, and I have zero fashion sense. When I’m going out somewhere, with anyone, I want to be comfortable and relaxed. What’s more:

  • I will always, no matter the occasion, choose comfort over style. That’s why you won’t find any heels in my plethora of shoes.
  • I keep my hair short because it doesn’t take any work and it’s super comfortable — especially on hot summer days.
  • I don’t wear makeup. Not because I’m making any kind of statement. Just because I don’t like to bother with it. For me, it’s one more step I don’t want to deal with. Besides, when it comes to gettin’ dolled up, I really have no idea what I’m doing.
  • “Dressing up” means changing out of my Adidas filpflops and putting on my sparkly flipflops. (Or out of my tennis shoes into my old-school Mary Janes.)
  • While I do miss having nice professional attire, I was so grateful that my boss decided jeans are OK every day.
  • I have absolutely no idea how to “accessorize” an outfit. And the extent of my jewelry collection is a few pair of dangly earrings, a couple of rings and a necklace or two. In fact, I don’t love gold, and diamonds aren’t really this girl’s best friend.
  • Jeans, capris and T-shirts make up the majority of my wardrobe. If I want to get fancy, I throw in a vee-neck and a very casual skirt here and there.
  • I own four summer dresses, three of which cycle through my wardrobe on extra hot days. The fourth one hangs in my closet, all sad and lonely like.
  • I don’t do fuss. I don’t do fancy. I’m pretty much a take-me-as-I-come kinda gal.

Even still, when my sister chose a very nice restaurant for her birthday dinner, I was excited about the opportunity it provided to play dress up — just this once. I told her we should wear our “fancy dresses” and get all dolled up. For her, this is not a stretch. She puts actual care into her appearance and somehow knows what to do with blush, eyeliner and mascara. She always looks so pretty and put together.

And she did. She was dressed in a really pretty coral dress, with her long, blonde hair straightened to perfection. She even wore a string of pearls. I, on the other hand, went through a couple of dresses and ended up in my standard summer sundress with a white loose-hanging sweater. Oh yeah, and my sparkly flipflops.

Quite honestly, we looked like we were going to two different parties: Me a summer barbecue and her a really nice restaurant.

Sister Style

Maybe it's just the string of pearls, but Rosebud does "fancy" much better than I do.

But here’s the thing: I don’t really care*. I love who I am. I love that I don’t fuss and fret over makeup and getting my hair just right. I love that I feel at ease when I’m out because I’m wearing clothes that allow me to be comfortable. I love that it doesn’t take me all day to get dressed and out the door. Because that’s just not me — and this is. In all my take-me-as-I-am glory.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

*Most of the time



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4 responses to “I’m Not Fancy

  1. wendy warren

    At least you own a dress…Oh, wait, maybe I do have one hanging way back in my closet. Yup, it’s that navy one I always wear to funerals. You’re plenty fancy for my taste, but I do love to watch Rosebud get all gussied up.


  2. I love the feeling of getting dressed up as well…but usually I’m way more low key than others in attendance. It used to bother me but now it doesn’t so much. As long as I’m with people I already know and feel comfortable with.


    • I think the key is knowing that this is who I am, so if I go to an event and am “under-dressed” it is what it is. Though I do try my best to be “appropriately” comfortable for the event, depending what it is.


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