My Rad Dad

They come in every shape and size
Those fathers today we recognize
Though we call them different things
A dad’s a dad, a king of kings

My dad’s been great since I was tiny
Though I was kinda, sorta whiny
He nurtured, taught and made me smile
And always went the extra mile

when i was a baby











He sometimes seemed a scary guy
And made me want to hide and cry
But as I grew up I got to know
That dads are tough to help you grow

They give great help and advice
My dad’s best hints were always nice
My favorite one he did say:
“Be yourself, ain’t no other way.”

He’s since become a super friend
A man I can count on ’til the end
No guy could probably measure up
Dad will always take the golden cup

all growed up











Future partner, please don’t worry
He’ll become your dad in quite the hurry
He’ll welcome you with his open arms
And win you over with his charms

He’s kind and funny and always there
His hugs and kisses show his care
Even on his worst of days
He shows his love in many ways

So today I reflect on my great dad
And all the things that make him rad
I’ll always send my thanks above
For sending me my dad’s love


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