This Mile Goes Out To …

Eating breakfast

Feeling thoughtful over my last bite of oatmeal pancakes, my pre-race tradition.

… as I sit here letting my breakfast digest, preparing to put on my race
gear, I can’t help but think how far I’ve come as a runner and as a person over
the past year. If you’d have told me a year ago (heck, six months ago) that I’d
actually be running a half marathon, I might have looked at you like you were
crazy. But, you’re not and, contrary to what several people have told
me, neither am I. Instead, I’m someone who has put in a lot of long hours and
hard work preparing myself mentally and physically for this challenge.

I do know, however, that I couldn’t have done it alone. Without the support
of my family and friends, there’s no way I would have been able to do this. So
today, I’m dedicating my run to them, mile by mile. They have, in their own
ways, helped me out and given me the encouragement (and courage) to do this.

They’ve taught me things along the way and listened when I griped. They pushed me on and slowed me down (when needed). Most of all, they’ve reminded me just how very important each one of them is in my life.

So, these miles go out to you:

1. Mom & Dad
2. My brother Clint & his crew
3. My sister Toni & and her family
4. My sister Charity & her guys
5. My brother Jeremiah & his gang
6. Grandpa Keith & Grandma Jean
7. Grandpa George & Grandma Rose
8. Aunt Lorrie
9. Aunt Gloria
10. Sara & Scot
11. Abby
12. My most beloved friend and darling sister, RB2 (because, honestly, this it he mile I think I’ll need you most)
13. Me (lucky 13 is dedicated to hard work, passion and the pursuit of something sweet)
13.1 Joy (this one’s for the pure and utter joy of running)

Really, there are other people I’d love to dedicate some mileage to as well,
like all of you who have supported and encouraged and advised me. Unfortunately, that’ll have to wait ’til the recap. And October.


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