An Ode to my Running Partner

A long time ago or, really, the present
Two sisters were talking, joking and pleasant
They talked of fun and family and races
You see, they’d been running in lots of cool places

They ran north and south, to the east and the west
The Arizona one, they thought, was prob’ly the best
The biggest one, though, was still yet to come
The one they’d been training for, feet feeling numb

The nerves were starting, the excitement kicked in
Oh how they couldn’t wait for the race to begin
They’d come so far — alone and together
They’d own this race, no matter the weather

So though they had nerves and worries galore
They knew that the time of their lives was in store
Once Saturday came and they stepped ‘cross the line
Big sister knew that they both would be fine

They’d put in the hours, the training, the sweat
This race would be awesome, on this she would bet
There’d be moments of pain and fear and of pride
Most likely even some tears will be cried

But as they step up to race on Saturday morn
The worries will stop about what they had worn
And the sisters will focus their bodies and minds
On running with racers of all ages and kinds

They’ll be one of the pack, one of the crew
Still amazed at all that their bodies can do
Feet pounding the pavement, breaths in and breaths out
Beating yourself is what this is about

So, sister, I tell you, take heart and relax
We carry strength, faith and love on our backs
And know, as I run, I’ll be running with you
Your No. 1 fan, cheering you through

You’re amazing, inspiring and funny to boot
For you, I promise, I always will root
I love you, I’m proud and honored to say
My Rosebud, my sister, is running that day



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3 responses to “An Ode to my Running Partner

  1. wendy warren

    I love you both and I’m very proud of you, too!


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