A Trial Run

Saturday was my last long run before my half marathon, which is just around the bend. I had 11 miles on the schedule and ended up doing 11.25. You see, the Arthritis Walk was this past Saturday, and I had already planned on walking it with my mom and the rest of the team. But, I knew I had to get in my mileage first. So, I had my mom drop me off at our family’s beach lot so I could run to town for the Arthritis Walk. The beach is actually a point along my half marathon route, so it was a great opportunity to try out the course at the same time of day I’ll be running.

Starting the run

The run begins ...

About 2.5 miles into the run, I had to go to the bathroom. Like, right now. That’ll be fine on race day, as there will be plenty of porta potties along the route. But on an all-alone run on a random Saturday? Not great. I ended up backtracking about 3/4 of a mile to my brother’s house to use the bathroom (I still feel bad about waking him up, but this girl had to pee). Actually, I had tried my aunt’s house first, but her windows were still dark and I felt way more guilty potentially waking her up than waking up my brother. Thank goodness for family and free potty breaks.

Other than the dire need for a toilet, I felt great during the run. Kept up an average 9:55 to 10:05 pace for the first six miles or so. My mom and dad passed me on the road, and my dad said I looked “really tired.” But I didn’t feel it. I just felt sweaty. And good. My legs were loose, my tunes were great, and my heart was pumpin’.


... and on she runs ...

Turned ’round the bend to keep running along the Bayshore route, about halfway through. Still feelin’ good. But needing another bathroom break … again. Thank goodness for public bathrooms at boat launches. Nasty, but they do the job. Freshly bathroomed, I was ready to finish my run.

The sun was still rising over the bay, and I couldn’t believe how great I was feeling. Mile 8 was the best mile of the run. I felt fast and smooth. No pains. No nothing. Just running.

Then mile 10 came.

And I got a terrible pain in the side of my left foot just under my pinky toe. Honestly felt like something was being poked into my foot. It did that to me the other day as well. But, like the other day, it disappeared. Not sure if it was cramp or a pinch or what. I’m keeping an eye on it and iced it just in case. But after about half a mile or so, it’s right back to normal. And mile 11 was the fastest of the whole run. I felt great running along, which is why I ended up going that extra 1/4 mile. Decided to just run to the end of the road rather than stopping in the middle.

By the time I finished my run, I was super hungry and had finished my coconut water and all of my running snacks. And I knew I still had about a mile cool down walk until I met up with the team at the Arthritis Walk. Thank goodness for the Omelette Shoppe being on the way. I sweatily walked in and had the most interesting conversation with the guys working the host stand:

Guy: Welcome to the Omelette Shoppe. How can I help you?
Me: Do you have bagels?
Guy: We only have plain bagels.
Me: That’s perfect. Could I get one to go please with just a napkin?
Guy: Do you want eggs or cream cheese with it?
Me: Nope, just the bagel please. And a napkin.
Guy: OK. It’ll be just a minute.
Me: (Quick bathroom break and refill of the water bottle)
Guy: Here you go. (Hands me a toasted bagel in a conveniently too large to-go container.) It’ll be $2.00.
Me: Thank you (handing over the money and opening the container to get at the bagel and shoving said bagel in my mouth).
Guy to fellow cashier: Oh, wow, she must really want that bagel.
Me: Yes, I just ran over 11 miles, and I’m very hungry.
Guy: Oh. Geez. Wow. OK. Have a nice day.
Me: Thanks, you too. (Thinking: Dude, don’t judge. A girl’s gotta eat to run.)

End of the run

Hey ... a gal's gotta eat.

All in all, a great run, followed by a walk for a good cause, and a total of 17.25 miles including the run, the Arthritis Walk and keeping my sister company on her training run.



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6 responses to “A Trial Run

  1. wendy warren

    I will never eat another bagel without seeing this picture!


  2. That’s awesome!!! What 1/2 marathon training schedule did you use? I’m running the Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 in Chicago in August and I start my training this week. I’m pretty nervous- I’ve never gone more than 5 miles. I’m using Hal Higdon’s method.


    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks for reading. I used Hal Higdon’s novice half, and I loved it. It worked perfectly with my existing schedule, and I felt good through the whole thing — it wasn’t too much for me, and it wasn’t too easy. In fact, two weeks after my half, I start training for my very first full marathon, and I’ll be using Mr. Higdon again.

      If you trust the program and work the program (and really focus on fueling your body properly during training), I think you’ll be surprised how far you can make it (literally and figuratively)! It’s kept me motivated and kept me improving all along. I wish you the very best of luck, and happy running!


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