They Can’t All Be Winners

Today in a nutshell: Blah.

Thumbs Down

My exhausted face after a rough run. A very rough run.

After a long, busy family weekend, I decided to sleep in. That decision was made at 4:30 this morning when my alarm went off. No big deal, I had the whole night free to get my run in after work. So, no morning run to start my day. Kinda threw off my whole Monday. I wasn’t cranky or extra stressed. I was just … I don’t know … off balance. A lunchtime walk with a couple of my lovely coworkers helped a bit. But I still was missing my kick-butt cardio to start my week and day off right. But at least I’d get my run in after work.

Then I remembered my Monday night ESL tutoring session at 5:30. Just an intro session, so it would only be half an hour. The session went really well. So well, in fact, that it ran a little long. But it was good, and we had a lovely time getting to know each other a little bit.

Got home from tutoring, put on my running clothes and headed out for my four miles. I had originally planned for five, but my headache told me to back off a little. I had a slow, easy run planned, and it started out really well. A nice pace for my first two miles: 9:13 and 9:15, respectively. But then, something ridiculous happened.

My legs grew roots, my lungs filled with mud and a woodpecker took up residence in my temple.

I felt like I could barely move. I slowed it down and walked my third mile. My pace was about 12:33. I was able to speed it up just a tiny bit for the last 1.11 miles (11:23 pace) uphill to my apartment. But I was still feeling heavy, slow and sluggish.

Runs like this are so strange: Some days my body and I are in perfect sync, like on Saturday when I ran 7.1 miles and felt like I could run forever. Then, there was today:

Run Pace

Thanks to Daily Mile, I can remember this run forever.

I realize that it’s my body reminding me that she is the boss, not me. And she was giving me a friendly reminder that I need to pay closer attention to what goes in my mouth and how I treat my body. She was gently pointing out that a stress-ish weekend with less than eight hours of sleep each night and too many jelly beans and cookies are not the ingredients of a successful, healthy, running life. Point taken. I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me.



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