Quick Race Recap: Wheel Run 10k

Saturday I ran my first 10k race. I’ve run 6 miles before. Just never in “race form.” Admittedly, I was a little anxious as the date approached. For some reason, I was letting the whole “farthest race I’ve run” kinda psych me out a bit. But, deep down, I knew I could do it. And I started looking forward to it — more eager than anxious by the time the race rolled around. Happily, my sister and niece joined me for the race — they ran the 5k version of it.

The three racers

So happy to have my niece and younger sister join me for the race.

It was a cold morning, with intermittent rain-snow (or, snrain). Luckily, it stopped in time for the race and didn’t start back up ’til we headed back home. The race course ran through Grand Valley State University’s campus. It was, overall, a good course. But it did seem like they sent us down random sidewalks to gain some distance. Almost like “Oops, we need another half of a mile, better send them down that way.”

I did enjoy it, though, and never once found myself looking at my clock wondering where I was and how much longer I’d be running. The 10k went by faster than several of the 5ks I’ve done. I was hoping to finish in an even 60 minutes — just under 10 minutes per mile. But, that wasn’t my time. My official chip time was …

Crossing the finish line

I've never had any finish line pictures of myself that I've actually liked. Thanks to my sister for this one!

… 56:58! Great pace for me — my fastest 10k run (in addition to being my first 10k race). It was very nice having my sister and niece cheering me on at the finish line. It’s the first time I’ve ever had any cheerleaders, and it (obviously) put a big ol’ smile on my face.

PLUS! Even better? I got first in my age division. This whole “moving into a new age bracket” thing? Pretty good! Fancy new 30-34 has been treating me well.

first place

An actual, real-life trophy!

After finishing the race, we had to (of course) grab a delicious post-race lunch at one of my favorite local restaurants — serving the best authentic Mexican around. Chicken tacos! Bring ’em on!

Taco time

Enjoying a post-race taco.

Oh, and there may have been cupcakes.


A delicious Chantilly cupcake, made with Grand Marnier and filled with custard. A girl's gotta treat herself every now and then.



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3 responses to “Quick Race Recap: Wheel Run 10k

  1. wendy warren

    I LOVE it!!


  2. My mom has the Chantilly cake every year for her birthday. I’ll occasionally surprise her with the cupcakes (Buy 2 get 2 free) and I’m a rock star 😉


    • Lucy Couturier

      Congratulations! How wonderful you could enjoy the run without thinking about the competition…and WIN! (But then, you always have been a winner.)


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