Polenta with Soyrizo and Goat Cheese

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, no matter how badly we want it, we’re too hungry — or busy or stressed — to make a really delicious, healthful dinner. Tonight was that night. Tuesday nights are a rush-rush night for me. Rush from work to spin, rush from spin home to make something to eat and, some weeks, rush to therapy. I like being busy, but I do not like being rushed. Particularly when my food’s involved. I like to make and enjoy yummy food. But by the time I get home from spin at 6:30 or 6:45, depending on the class, I’m famished (and exhausted) and don’t have it in me to prepare a hot, fresh, appetizing meal.

Well, tonight, I made it work. But first, let me explain to you how my meal planning works, as I don’t really like to plan a week’s menu in advance. I simply never know what I’ll be in the mood for. So, I plan based on what sounds good, what needs to be eaten before it goes bad or what fits with that days schedule.

Last night as I was packing today’s lunch, I was looking around my fridge and cupboards for things that needed to be eaten: Soyrizo, polenta, goat cheese. Hmmm … what to do with those? One caveat: It had to be quick, easy and yummy. Pretty doesn’t hurt, either.*

So, I made Polenta with Soyrizo and Goat Cheese. (I know, my names are very clever.)

Step 1: Open polenta and slice into 1/2-inch slices. (Yeah, I ate two servings. Hey, I was hungry!) Place on nonstick sprayed cookie sheet.

Step 2: Open Soyrizo and squeeze one serving onto a plate. Spoon onto polenta slices. (Note: I’m not a vegetarian, but sometimes I eat like one. Really, the thought of chorizo kinda gives me the icks. But I simply love the flavor. Enter Soyrizo.)

Step 3: Place a dollop of goat cheese on top of each Soyrizoed polenta slice.

Step 4: Place cookie sheet in a pre-heated oven. I chose 350 degrees. But that’s just because that’s where the oven was previously set.

Step 5: Jump in the shower to wash the sweat of spin class away. Rinse off quickly, jump out, dry off and put on comfy clothes. By the time you get out of the shower, it’s going to smell divine in your kitchen/apartment/etc.

Step 6:Remove frozen asparagus spears and place in pre-heated skillet. Heat through. (Yes, this asparagus came “pre-grilled,” but that’s not why I bought it. I was at a different grocery store than where I normally shop, and they didn’t have what I wanted. But the grill marks added a nice touch, dontcha think?)

Step 7: Remove asparagus from heat. Remove polenta from oven.

Step 8: Place, all pretty like, on a plate. Add sliced veggies for color, flavor and deliciously. I chose orange bell pepper.

Step 9: Take several photos of your plating. Cuz, really, a gal deserves to eat pretty food — single or not.

Step 10: Eat and enjoy. It’s OK to lick your plate.

Total preparation time, including shower: 12 to 15 minutes from fridge/freezer to plate
Nutrition information, taking into account my double serving of polenta: Calories: 322, protein: 18, fat: 12, carbs: 45 (Source: MyFitnessPal)

*Note: Sometimes this method works, sometimes it’s a miserable failure. I call tonight’s meal a total win.


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