My Biggest Win

On this journey, I’ve had a lot of wins. Big ones, small ones, “just right” ones. Starting a journey that begins with “You have 120 pounds to lose” is a win — a HUGE one. And starting to run when you’ve only walked? Win. Running a race? Win. Hitting PR after PR? Win after win. With all of these personal victories, how do you choose the one that makes you say: “Yes. Absolutely, 100 percent. THIS is my winningest moment.”

I’ve thought about this since Friday when I decided I wanted to write this post. But, until I sat down to actually write it, I hadn’t decided what it would be. Then, I realized that this whole thing is my biggest win. Keeping a blog, sharing it with the world and being open and honest. That’s my win.

I’m not a big sharer. I prefer to listen and offer advice when I’m asked. I’ve always preferred blending in rather than standing out. And sharing my story? Volunteering information? That is … So. Not. Me. Yet, here I am, on the internets writing about so many personal things. From breaking toilet seats to breaking up with the man I thought I’d marry. From taking (and posting) photos of my derriere (and other body parts) and talking about my gassyness.

It’s scary putting your whole self out there in front of so many people — family, friends and coworkers included. It’s also stressful. And it comes with pressures (self-induced and external). How do you hide your failures and your embarrassments when you’ve vowed to be completely honest with yourself and with the world? You don’t. You’re forced to share your struggles right alongside your successes.

So, yeah, this blog. This is my biggest win. I’m no longer ashamed of who I am — the good, the bad and the gassy.

perfectly imperfect

I can't help it — it's who I am.



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3 responses to “My Biggest Win

  1. wendy warren

    And it only took you 30 years to realize what I’ve known all along!


  2. I think you have every right to be proud of who you are. You are an amazing woman and if you didn’t have things that weren’t perfect, you wouldn’t be human. This is how we all relate. I may not have lost your weight (yet), broken a toilet seat (yet), but I can relate to the fact that things are not the movies! Who labeled these things as failures? Just because they do not work out like we think that they should? I think you are great 😀


    • So glad I found your new blog! Love reading about your workouts on DM and just love your posts here as well. Kudos to you for being so honest and in the process inspiring so many!


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