My Biggest Health/Fitness Challenge

Honestly, my biggest health/fitness challenge is myself. Specifically, it’s my tendency to become obsessive about things. I’ve been called “borderline OCD” and I see my love for structure and rules in a number of areas of my life: cleaning or, sometimes, the lack thereof; germs; work; family stuff; work; food; exercise; work; the law.

And sometimes it takes over.

I got that way at first when I was doing Weight Watchers. I was constantly checking Points values, repeatedly looking up menus of restaurants I knew I’d be visiting and worrying about what my mom might be serving when I visited home (in two weeks). It became an issue because I was missing out on the enjoyable aspects of food and meals with other people. And, I fully admit, completely annoying.

I did it with running at first as well. Wanting to run every day. Not taking enough rest time. Feeling guilty if life caused me to reschedule a run. I think that’s why I’m liking having a written half marathon plan: it’s organized, proven and provides “rules” to run by. Plus, it requires me to take rest days.

This issue is what caused me to feel so out of balance with my regular life, my running life and my weight-loss life. I wasn’t able to find the time or energy to be controlling and obsessive about all of them, so I was rundown, worn out and not focusing on the right things. I’m finding myself in a healthier, more balanced place right now, thanks to a number of things:

  • Therapy
  • Refocusing my goals
  • A written training plan
  • Recognizing my need for control — and finding healthier ways to use it
  • Creating non-weight-loss and fitness-related goals

For me, the key is balance. And I’m slowly finding creating it.


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  1. I relate to you too much! I get the borderline OCD… It’s why I had to take a break from numbers haha it is about finding, making, creating, seeking balance… In all areas of our lives! You are a badass!


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