Being Healthy Stinks

When you tell people you’re working to live a healthier lifestyle, they’ll talk about how it can be:

  • Hard work
  • Fun
  • Busy
  • Delicious
  • Exciting
  • Challenging
  • Invigorating
  • Stressful
  • Lonely
  • Refreshing

But people don’t always talk about how much it stinks. Like, literally :

  • Sweaty — I wash a lot of stinky gym socks, sweat-soaked workout gear and damp running shoes. And my gym bag? It doesn’t smell the greatest. Working up a sweat smells. I admit it: I’m a girl, and I sweat.
  • Dirty — From dodging mud puddles and piles of dog doo, running results in a lot of dirt: muddy pants, poopy shoes, slushy socks. And riding a bike in the spring? You can count on a mud-soaked back. I admit it: I’m a girl, and I’m dirty.
  • Icky — When I’m running outside, particularly in the winter and early spring, I try to carry tissues with me. Sometimes I forget. So, sometimes there’s snot or boogers on my face. It happens. I try to catch it with a glove or a leaf. But sometimes I miss it. I admit it: I’m a girl, and I’m icky.
  • Stinky — Cooking vegetables doesn’t always smell great. Cabbage? Broccoli? Onions? Asparagus? Yeah, they’re gonna stink up your kitchen. And, most likely, your bathroom. I admit it: I’m a girl, and I’m stinky.
  • Gassy — I really don’t think it can be avoided. Eat more fiber, especially fruits and vegetables, and you’re gonna have some gas. It may make you uncomfortable. And it may be embarrassing. But, honestly, it’s part of life. It’s natural. And it tells you that your body is working. I admit it: I’m a girl, and I fart.
stinky face

Yeah, girls can be stinky, too.

So, yeah, I’m a sweaty, dirty, icky, stinky, gassy girl. But I’m healthy. And, somewhere out there is a sweaty, dirty, icky, stinky, gassy, healthy boy waiting just for me.



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8 responses to “Being Healthy Stinks

  1. wendy warren

    Such a lovely picture you paint!


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