A Leapin’ Recap

What a fun race today! Not only was I joined by my sister, but by another sister, a nephew and my parents. PLUS! I got to meet and dine with a fellow run-blogger. And we all got to wear cute outfits. With lots o’ green involved.

Me and my sister

The Rosebud Sister are ready to run!

Dad and Mom

The world's cutest Leapin' Leprechaun parents.

Sister and nephew

Our unofficial "team" is rounded out by another sister and my nephew.

It started snowing early in the race, but I’ve run in snow many times — it doesn’t bother me anymore. The race was a nice, smooth course, and the 700-plus runners/walkers were mostly in good spirits. (Perhaps the promise of beer and mini elephant ears at the race’s end helped with that.)

I felt great through the whole run. Kept a good, even pace. I knew I’d be close to hitting my last PR of 9:13 miles. Well … I didn’t hit it. I beat it! With a time of 28:29, my average pace was 9:11. Awe! Some! Very pleased — considering I was wearing dancing leprechauns on my head.

On the half marathon training schedule, I was on for five miles. So, by the time I ran the 5k and went back to round up the crew I ended up doing 5.01 miles according to my phone’s GPS. I crossed the finish line, immediately turned around to run to say hey to my family at their various places on the race course. Once I gave my parents a wave and an update, I turned back around and ran up to my younger sister and crossed the finish line with her — as I always do. By the time I got turned around and met up with Sister and finished the course the second time, I did my 5.01 miles in a total of 51 minutes (on the dot). I call this race/run a success from all angles!

jumping for joy

Leap, leap, leaping for joy!

Cara (you know, the other run-blogger), my sister and I headed out for breakfast after the race — a Cara tradition I do believe I will be borrowing. It was a lovely breakfast with good food and super company.

Cara and me

Cara's post-race breakfast is the most genius tradition ever!


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