A Few Things I Thought You Might Care to Know*

Sometimes when I drive, I think of random things. And then I think “I should write a post about that.” Consider this one such insignificant, get-to-know-your-blogger-better post …

Me driving

Me in my car — where I do some of my best think-writing.

As much as I’ve changed in the last year, I will always be the woman who:

  • Buys something at the store if she just stops to use the bathroom
  • Cries when she holds a newborn baby
  • Chooses the book over the movie
  • Holds the door for you
  • Thanks you when you hold the door for her
  • Randomly pays for a stranger’s coffee, or gas, or toll
  • Chews her fingernails when she’s stressed or nervous
  • Unconsciously bites her bottom lip when she’s at a tough spot in a run
  • Smiles when a favorite song pops up on her iPod Shuffle
  • Skips for a few seconds in the parking lot
  • Leaves a penny — but seldom takes a penny
  • Chooses comfort over style
  • Likes the idea of a dog but not the reality
  • Feels guilty when she can’t do more
  • Wants to believe — in lots of things
  • Respects authority in its many forms: parents, police, presidents
  • Gets annoyed at someone who can’t make a decision — especially the simple ones, like where to go eat
  • Is torn between the comfort of country life and the culture of city life
  • Strives for perfection
  • Isn’t satisfied with the status quo
  • Worries just a little too much
  • Opts for a night in over a night out
  • Makes a list and checks it twice — or thrice
  • Double and triple checks the stove and the locks multiple times before she leaves for the day
  • Owns a dictionary and uses it — and expects you to use it, too
  • Buys too many groceries
  • Owns too many books
  • Prefers listening over talking
  • Is just a little uncomfortable with people really knowing her
  • Wonders “what if”
  • Follows the rules — and likes it
  • Enjoys reading directions and learning how to do something new
  • Will forever be rooted in tradition while striving to blaze her own trails
  • Isn’t afraid to cry when she’s sad, or happy, or proud, or worried, or scared, or …

*But you probably don’t

Now it’s your turn to share — tell me something I don’t know about you.



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4 responses to “A Few Things I Thought You Might Care to Know*

  1. Hi Kimmy. I’ve read a post or two on your blog before, just ones that mom pointed out to me, but today for some reason I just decided to read the whole thing from the beginning to present, and I am so glad that I did. You are really amazing, and I’ve learned a lot from you just in this one short day. Like that I take myself way too seriously and forget to just laugh things off. That there is no reason to start tomorrow, or next week, because you can start NOW. And that the only person holding me back is me (and these are just to name a small fraction). I think reading your blog today has come at the perfect time in my life, and I really just want to say thank you. I think I’ll be starting my own blog, now that I’ve recently begun becoming fit for the first time in my life, simply because I think it will provide me with a sense of accountability (plus things make more sense when you write them down). Keep going girl–we’re all rooting for you!!!


    • Wow, Britney. Thanks so much. This is really a lovely response to my post. I’m so honored that you found something worthwhile in this blog and spent time reading it from the beginning! I’m so looking forward to hear how your journey goes. Please do keep me updated, and let me know if you need anything ever.


  2. kathleen

    i also own way too many books and use webster’s dictionary on my computer but i still don’t know how to write in complete sentences or how to properly use punctuation. =/


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