Climb Every Mountain

I never really did a true wrap-up of the Kahtoola Mountain Run, so I’ll just do a quickie here.

Ready to Run

Abbey and I get ready to run!

My very good friend Abbey told me about this race, and I knew I wanted to do it. It sounded fun and challenging and scary. And it was all of the above. But a week before the race, I was seriously doubting my own sanity at signing up. I mean, I’m not a hardcore runner — people who do mountain runs are tough. I’m not tough. There was a lot of self doubt. Especially when I went to my favorite running store and the owner gave a bit of a laugh and asked if I was crazy after I told him about the race. Who was I kidding?

Race Course

The scariest course I've ever run!

No matter how many times Abbey assured me it would be OK, I still was shaking as the race started.

But let me tell you. It was awesome. And amazing. And exhilarating. And oh-so-much fun! I really did have to push myself during the race. A lot. There were so many hills: big ones, small ones, steep ones, flat ones. It was (seemingly) hill after hill after hill. And at the top of every single one of them, I thought I might have to pass out — or at least sit down for a rest. But I didn’t. I refocused and charged on.

At the top of the hill

This is what someone looks like when running and experiencing pain and pleasure and pride all at the same time

And I was part of something awesome. Abbey and I were part of this crew of, like, hardcore runners. Running through sometimes knee-deep snow from our fresh blizzardy Michigan winter.

We did it!

To gals, one mountain: Mission Accomplished!

It was an amazing experience, and I am already looking forward to next year. But I think I’ll do the 8k. You know, two laps round the course. I can do it. Cuz I’m all hardcore and stuff now.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I actually came in first in my age group and 17th overall for the 4k? I still find this hard to believe.


Showing off my prize: A giant smile. Oh yeah, and a hat.

Special thanks to Mac Fowler for serving as a marvelous event photographer!



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5 responses to “Climb Every Mountain

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  2. I hate to tell you this, but at some point you’re going to have to accept that fact that you are actually one of those “hard core runners” you claim not to be. Sorry lady 😉


  3. wendy warren

    I’m glad you finally posted this.


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