Let’s Talk About Age, Shall We?

I’m turning 30 this month. (Egad!) And I’m having a hard time dealing with it. Not because I feel “old.” Not because I even believe in “old.” I’m physically younger than I probably ever have been in my life. My health is great. My career is grand. My mind … well, we’re working on that.

I think it’s more of a figurative thing than a literal thing.

By 30, you’re “supposed” to have things figured out (bullocks!). By 30, you “should” be settled with a family or, if you don’t have one yet, be well on your way to having one (nonsense). Your career “should” be decided and you should be settled in for the long haul (horse pucky). Your wild oats “should” have been sown (bull crap).

But I do feel like there are some things I definitely missed out on as an obese, insecure 20-something.

Photo of my in my early 20s

Me — "enjoying" my 20s.

Twenty-nine was a fabulous year, even with the heartbreaks I experienced. But other than that, most of my 20s were filled with lonely, insecure, boring times. No wild parties. No all-nighters. No real crazy roadtrips. Not a lot of girls’ nights out. No dates (really, no dates). No Only a couple random hook-ups. No summer loves. You get the gist.

I feel like I didn’t explore, experiment and examine enough in my 20s. I guess that’s what my 30s will be for. (Except … I’m for real over the whole “random hook-up” thing, so that won’t be happening.)

Me at 29

Me — really enjoying being 29!

I guess the point of this post is that, while I sometimes feel old reading the stories of some younger health and fitness bloggers , I am in awe of the strength and commitment of these younger men and women. They all have embraced these lifestyle changes in the midst of some of the most trying and exciting times of their lives. There’s a lot of pressure being placed on them from so many areas, and yet they fight for their health. They’re winning a battle that took me years to even recognize.



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2 responses to “Let’s Talk About Age, Shall We?

  1. Being a 29-year-old and all, I can relate to this quite well. The past couple of years I’ve realized that even if I’m not where I want to be, I’m exactly where I should be. Too much time is spent mourning time lost instead of looking ahead to what we can do today and hopefully in the future.

    Good lord, I am light years away from having things figured out and to be honest, I probably will never feel like I do. My 20s started out well and then took an interesting turn, so I’m also hoping that I can make some more positive memories in my 30s. I know that even though I don’t (and won’t) have things figured out, I do have a much better understanding of myself and what can bring me personal peace.

    That doesn’t mean I have it figured out or that I’ll meet some societal deadline, but rather that I am okay with the journey much more than I was in my 20s (where I technically still am, but whatever.) I have no doubt that you can look past a number–any number–and feel with your heart…at 29, 30 or 130 😉


  2. Remember when we were in high school and 25 year olds were so ancient…? Ha. Anyway, don’t have a plan. I had a very set plan on career (I had my dream job) and having a stay at home husband. So didn’t work out. I still don’t know how I got here but I had fun along the way. Have fun, make goals for you. Live your life the way you want. The rest falls into place. Honest.


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