In Case You’re Curious …

I like my gym like I like my men:

  • Makes me feel good about myself when we’re together
  • Welcoming and warm … where everybody knows my name
  • Not too fancy, not too plain
  • Unassuming
  • Clean but not flashy
  • Always pushes me to be my best, without making me cry (too much)
  • Just enough muscle to give me something to look at but not so much that I get distracted
  • Helps me feel safe, confident and secure
  • It’s OK if I want to put on my headphones and shut out what’s going on around me for some “me” time, but I also don’t have to if I don’t want to
  • Offers a variety of “activities” to keep my interest
  • The faint smell of cologne mixed with sweat — I’ve always liked hard-working men gyms(?)
  • Has all the right equipment: Not too much, not too little
  • Leaves me sweaty and tired … with a smile on my face
  • When we part ways for the day, I’m smiling because I had a good time and because I know we’ll be together again later


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