Facing Fears, Getting Stronger

Do one thing every day that scares you. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Well, Mrs. Roosevelt, today I did it. I did something that super scares me: I signed up for a marathon!

Race confirmation

And I still can’t believe it. Sure, the marathon isn’t until October. And, yeah, I have plenty of time to prepare for it. But just thinking about running (really, run-walking) 26.2 miles makes me question my own sanity. It scares me. I’m already worried about it, and it’s months away. I know that I have plenty of time to train for it, and I know that I can do it. But if I think about it too much, I wonder what I was thinking. Who am I to sign up for a marathon? I’ve barely been running for a year. I don’t belong out there with the professional runners. It’s in times like these where a little bit of the less-confident version of me comes out to play.

So, why’d I do it? What made today the day? I don’t know. Really, I don’t. I was going to wait until after I’d finished my half marathon in May just to make sure that long-distance running was really for me. But I couldn’t get the full out of my mind. So, today I just said, “Go for it, lady.” And I did. Besides, if I would have waited until I finished my half, the rates for the full would have gone up another $10 or so. By signing up now, I’m totally saving money!

Plus, I’ve decided I need something else to focus on than losing weight. I don’t like just focusing on the scale. I feel that it’s an unhealthy way to view, well, health. There’s so much more to it than that. I need and want something else to drive me, something else to work toward. And I need something long-term to keep me going. I’m a goals gal. So, the half marathon in May is one of my shorter-term goals, and the full is a bit of a longer window. It scares me to think that I’m going to be pushing my body that hard, pushing my mind that hard. But it also excites me.

So, yeah, I’m doing it. I’ve signed up. It has been written. It’s nonrefundable. It’s not until October. It’s scary and fun and exciting. I mean, golly, I’ve signed up for a marathon. As someecards says, the marathons I usually do involve Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni.

Image of SomeEcards

So, what’s next? Next steps are putting it out of my mind because I have a half marathon to get ready for first — baby(ish) steps, people. OK, I probably won’t be able to put it completely out of my mind. But, my main focus is going to be what’s next. I’ll focus on what’s next next after that.



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3 responses to “Facing Fears, Getting Stronger

  1. wendy warren

    I just have one word for you…….kedge! (Oh, and I’m very proud of you and I love you more than you could ever imagine!)
    I guess that’s 16 words


    • 🙂 How close are you to finishing that book, anyway? I think it’s time for me to learn about this “kedging” for myself — and the rest of the menopause stuff that’s in there, too.


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