Thursday Thanks

In which I discuss five things that make me grateful.

  1. EcoTrek — Something’s going on this winter: I’m loving it! I’ve fallen in love with Michigan all over again, with a new sort of passion I’ve not felt for the state in the cold, dreary winter months. And, I’m pretty certain I owe a lot of that to EcoTrek. EcoTrek gets me out of my apartment and into the woods — rain or shine, day or night. I love the workout I get, as it introduces some really nice variety into my routine. But even more than that, I love being out in nature. Last night’s session was bitterly cold (my mouth froze so badly that I couldn’t move my lips to talk), but the sky was full of stars and the woods were crisp and fresh. I wouldn’t have traded it for the warmth of my couch.
  2. Good Books — I’m an avid reader. I’ve loved it since I was a wee tot. But my reading had taken a backseat to my “fitness” for awhile. Well, I’m rediscovering my love of literature through my 52 in 2011 book challenge. Honestly, there are some times I find it hard to peel my eyes from the pages to go to work in the morning or to bed at night. The power of a good book should never be overlooked.
  3. Family Time — I love my family and miss them dearly. Most of them live in my hometown, and I live about 2-1/2 hours south. So, I don’t go home super often in the winter. And, even at 30 years old and having lived away from home since I went away to college, I get homesick. Every time I have a trip home on the horizon, there’s a bit more pep in my step and joy in my heart. Because I know that — even at our most stressed — my family is the best group of people I’ll ever have the pleasure of spending time with.
  4. Hard Work — I’m thankful for hard work and for knowing that it pays off. I work hard in all I do, and I’ve benefited from that. And, yes, if people ask if I’d take a magic get-thin-quick pill, I’d say “no thanks” and get back to my workout. I think that through hard work, perseverance and making our own mistakes, we learn the most. We become better people by working hard. And there’s no substitute. So, I guess what I’m really thankful for here is that my parents took the time to teach me what “work ethic” really is and to have pride in all I do.
  5. Blood Tests — As much as I despise/fear/cry about having my blood drawn, I really am thankful when it’s over. I finally got the results back from the blood tests I had a few weeks ago (checking all the normal stuff plus my thyroid cuz I’m a coldie). My doctor said I’m the “picture of health” and that if she didn’t know me, she’d never have guessed that I used to be “extremely overweight.” She also reminded me that “women just are colder than men” and it’s something “average-sized” women just have to learn to deal with. So, picture of health? Oh yeah! Freezing all the time? Yep, that, too.


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